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Candice Carter
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Avatar: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Character Name: Candice Carter


Age: 53

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Homeworld: Procopia

Occupation: Princess of Tapani

*OOC Rank (Trainee/Apprentice, Adept/Knight, Elite/Master): Trainee


Fiercely loyal to her family Candice never displayed the ambition of her twin or her other siblings. She is always more concerned with ensuring everything is in order back at home while her twin was off pursuing the power and mysteries of the force. She is far more reserved them the rest of her siblings as well, slow to act and methodical in her approach to anything. 


Born to the King of Tapani, Candice and her twin sister made their arrival on schedule and in the dark of night. The twins were the second and third children of King Lyle III, and Kaitlyn. They were preceded by their eldest brother Lyle IV and later came their youngest sibling William. The four were raised as any proper heirs were, educated in all aspects of their kingdom privately. They were about as spoiled as it got. Candice and her siblings quite frankly, were spoiled brats. It was to be expected in the Carter house however, as that was simply the way things were. 

While Crystal and William concerned themselves with the force and whatever training their father could provide Candice mostly focused on learning the ins and outs of the political systems of the Tapani Sector. Though her father made time for her training in the force whenever she wished it wasn't overly important to her.  While Crystal trained hard with their father Candice studied more with their older sibling Lyle learning all of his idiosyncrasies knowing one day her knowledge could better serve the family. The three trained with their father until he died when Crystal and Candice were 25, and William, 15. He was 80 years old then. Their training was far from complete. 

With the death of their father Lyle IV ascended to the throne and Crystal left to pursue other training in the force. Candice remained on Procopia mostly managing the family finances for her older sibling though on occasion he called on her to settle diplomatic matters in the sector. Her force training didn't really progress from that point on though she did maintain a strict exercise regiment including the force techniques her father had passed onto her.
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Candice Carter
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Added to the great index

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Candice Carter
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Force Powers: (As established in "A Glorious Homecoming?")
Force Sense
Enhance Ability
Force Comprehension
Force Persuasion
Basic Telekinesis
Force Rage

Knight level:
Alter Elements-Ice
Enhanced Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Choke

Desired Force Powers:
Conceal Alignment
Force Sight
Mental Translocation
Force Drain
Spear of Midnight Black