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Neav Revata
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Neav Revata

Name: Neav Revata

Profession: Sith Master 

Species: Human 

Age: Irrelevant

Height: 5'6" 

Weight: 110 lbs

Appearance:  Neav is approximately 5'6" and weighs approximately 110 lbs, her raven hair and dark brown eyes does attract attention with men when she does not wear her robe as her clothes are form fitting. She does attempt to blend in whenever possible, however if need be, she will make herself known and will not stop it nothing until someone (preferably not her) is dead.

Distinguishing marks: A scar 5” inches in diameter on her abdomen on the right side. A scar 3” in diameter on her right shoulder.   

Homeworld: Corellia 


Husband: Single
Father:  Brenden Revata, Mother - Alexandra Revata 
Siblings: Leentje Revata; Fable Revata; Amalia Braska (Half sister)

Children:  Leto Deadwood;  Raven Starkiller; Ciaran Starkiller; Zane Starkiller

Personality: She is nice to those in her family.  All but her father that is.  She prefers to blackmail him for anything she wishes.  If she can take it from you, she will.  Neav wants to see all Jedi dead at her feet.  


Born and raised a Senator's daughter on Corellia, Neav's life was filled with social gatherings and her mother trying to marry her off. Neav in her eyes unfortunately grew up with her older sister Leentje Revata. Her sister became best friends with the girl next door, Adrianna Ultron. Neav always thought there was something wrong with the girl next door, but couldn't place it. When they would play together, Adrianna would some how be able to throw off Neav when playing hide and seek. 

It came to her attention as she grew older that her grandfather on her father's side was a Sith Master. He trained her in the ways of the Darkside of the Force without the permission of her father. They did not get far into their training when at the age of 18 Neav was approached by one of her grandfather's friend's advising her that he had died in battle against the Jedi. He had made the promise to her that he would hand deliver his saber that had been handed down for generations in their family to Neav. Unfortunately the raven haired girl's father Brendan was behind the door while the conversation was taking place. Immediately he took possession of the light saber and stashed it where his youngest daughter would not be able to locate it. 

Being the manipulative and favored one of the two with their mother, Neav spoke with Alexandra enough for her mother to accidentally divulge the location of the saber. Now that she knew she only need obtain it from her father's office in a hollowed out book. That would pose no problem whatsoever. 

Their parents frequently went on vacations with the Ultrons. When they'd finally left for Mon Calamari for a cruise, Neav purposefully left her holo homework from Corellia University in the office to have an excuse for the butler to open the door for her. When the butler opened the door, Neav pretended to be rifling through everything looking for the homework. While waiting for her, he grew bored and left. Neav finally began looking through all the books, finding the one she was looking for. Pulling out the saber and her homework, Neav in turn locked the door and left the home with a few bags. 

At age 20, she snuck on Adrianna Ultron's ship The Tide to Dantooine. Finding her own way to Byss where the Sith were located, was a hard and long road, but she finally arrived.  Her first Master, Darth Zeta, was also her first lover.  For her promotion to Knight he awarded her a doubled edged blue dagger.  Shortly thereafter, they split up.  Sith Mistress Athena Somir then took up the reigns in her training. Since then she has climbed up the ranks to Sith Master. 

While  on Byss and a Sith Knight, she met Nathaniel Deadwood over drinks in a Cantina.   Nathaniel Deadwood was a bio engineer who specialized in everything all  the way up to the manipulation of DNA.  He had his own company.  He bought her red wine. It seemed that was all he had to do.  The two fell in love over drinks and discussion.  Nathaniel courted her and asked her  for her hand in marriage.  Though this marriage did not sit well with Nathaniel's daughter Ennel Litherru.  Ennel, also a Sith and a product of his DNA manipulation, hated Neav for stealing her father's affections  as well as the fact that she and Neav were the same age. What Neav never understood was that Ennel hated Nathaniel as well for what he had done to her and yet she still loved him. 

Their  wedding was supposed to be a joyous one just as any wedding should.  It  was all going well. Her mother, however felt it necessary to have her sister Leentje Fiore, at the time Captain of the New Republic and Adrianna Fiore, then Knight of Keepers of the Peace, to stand up for her.  This was because of their long time history with the family and how close the two families.  Because of their love for her mother Alexandra, the three of them agreed to the matter and vowed to kill one another later.  

What  Neav did not know about was that her sister Leentje was planning to kill her during the wedding.  Several times before the wedding could begin it was interrupted by some random thing or another.  But once it began, Neav believed she would finally be able to say 'I do' without a hitch.  Even that could not be sufficient for her sister, now could it?   Elias Fiore burst into the church declared his love for her sister Leentje and whisked her away.  The anger that welled within Neav was unsurmountable.  Only Nathaniel could bring her down from that.  Finally  they were wed. 

Neav  became pregnant with their son Leto and was overjoyed with the news.  Though unfortunately Nathaniel was away on business when she found out and Ennel found out before he did.  When Neav revealed to her beloved that she was with child, he became ecstatic.  Ennel felt that he would love the unborn child more than he loved her.  This simply was not true.  Desperately he did try to explain that this was not the case.  So  to remedy this, Ennel ambushed her father on the beach and shived him in the stomach.  By the time Neav found him, it was too late to save him.  She was able to convey how much they loved one another and how much she knew the baby would love him. 

Anger  swelled from a well deeper than Neav had ever believed she had.  She buried her husband's body and did not notify her step-daughter where he was so she was unable to find him.  There was no way Ennel was ever going to touch their lives again.  Neav sought out to kill Ennel.  Until  Ennel approached her with the offer that she could clone her father for  Neav.  Desperate to have her husband back at any cost, Neav said yes.  The cost; however was Neav's heirloom saber.  The one she'd been saving for Leto.  Reluctantly she gave up her grandfather's saber to Ennel and the location of Nathaniel's body.  Since then she has not seen nor heard from her step-daughter.

Upon  Leto's birth, Neav feared for his very safety.  Her then Master Jayde Davroq took both Neav and her son to her Jedi parents for him to be raised with them and if he were indeed a Force user to train in the force.  Neav visited him regularly during his childhood. Leto is now 25 years old. 

By the time she was 26 years old, Neav was a Sith Master and Neav changed her name back to Revata and met and fell in love with Alistair Starkiller.  Turning to him with love in her heart, she became pregnant with his triplets.  He subsequently asked her to become his wife.  She accepted his proposal. Before the children were born, Alistair and Neav split up.  Neav took Raven and Ciaran home to Corellia to raise them, while Alistair raised Zane on Spira. 
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Neav Revata
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