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Janos Endel
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;Basic Information;

Name:  Janos Endel
Gender: Male
Age: 13-19 ( Starting at 13 )
Homeworld:  Tattooine
Faction: The Jedi Order


Play By: Tom Hardy
Height:  5'11
Weight: 220
Eye Color: Blue


Janos is, above all, curious about the galaxy. He enjoys adventure and discovering new things, which does not mix very well with the Jedi code. Though he loves the fact that he is a Jedi, he wishes that there was a more lenient code that he could live by so that he could go out and see the world. He likes to question things because he wants to know the full answer to all of lifes questions, even though he knows that is probably something he will never be able to accomplish. Among other Jedi he can seem quite rebellious and hard to deal with because he does not like to conform to the normal standard of things. When he is told to do something a certain way he actively tries to figure out a faster and easier way to accomplish the task. Beyond his curious nature he is a kind soul who is generally nice to everyone. He loves to meet people and he will go out of his way to help someone else if they need it. He is confident in himself and his abilities and can be quite competitive without even meaning to. He loves a challenge and there is no obstacle he will not overcome, if for any other reason, to prove everyone wrong. He believes there is a different way than the current teachings say but there is not much else he can do about it because the Jedi are all that he has. He is a quick learner and often times finds himself helping other initiates along because he finds himself ahead of them, but he does not believe himself better, just a quicker learner. He speaks many different languages and is interested in different alien cultures and vows to one day entrench himself in other planets cultures just because he finds them so interesting.


Janos was born on Tattooine to a poor farming family. It was not long after that the Jedi Order came and retrieved him from his family, and though they did not want to give their son up, they knew it was for the best. Janos has been around the Jedi his entire life and he has, for the most part, enjoyed it. From a young age he found himself progressing faster than most of the other younglings, especially when it came to the force, he found it very easy to control and access and he could keep his connection going for much longer than most of the other students. Though he was gifted with the force, his favorite thing is lightsaber training. Janos quickly progressed past the levels of the children his age and found himself in older childrens training classes and eventually ended up passing them. His desire to become greater and his skills at learning things at a rapid pace made him a great Jedi initiate but his attitude left very little to be desired. He often questioned the code and found that he preferred a more aggressive style of swordsmanship than the other Jedi. He always thought he was ready for the Initiate trials before his age group but he was never allowed to take them until his group was ready. When the time came for the trials Janos passed with flying colors, but his head was slowly beginning to swell, and he found that he was beginning to think he deserved more than what he was being given.

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Janos Endel
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