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Noemi Valade
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General Info:
Name: Noemi Loretta ValadeAlso Known As: TBDAge: 19Gender: FemaleRank: Diplomatic SupportFaction: The AllianceHomeplanet: NabooLiving Situation: Naboo
Avatar: Emma WatsonHeight: 5'6'' Weight: 120lbsEye color: AuburnHair color: Blonde-BrunetteComplexion: LightDistinguishing marks: None
Mother: Emilia CoriaFather: Matthew StreightSiblings: Dracha Coria, Elnora Coria, Achoss StreightAunts: Lenore CoriaUncles: Xavier CoriaGrandmother: Aletha CoriaGrandfather: Lance Brasier 
Personality: Noemi is a fearless leader. She is usually polite and well mannered, always careful about how she looks and how she takes care of herself health and beauty wise. She tends to like to do things on her own instead of depending on what she has at her disposal because she's royalty. If you are well liked by her, there are no worries, though to those she does not like, she is rather wicked. But she knows how to keep herself peaceful in political situations. 
She hasn't been fond of touching since her capture when she was younger. So she tends to wear special gloves to make sure if she does touch someone, that the inevitable doesn't happen. Most of the time, she avoids any intimacy.
When she isn't in a political situation or around her family, Noe is very relaxed and she likes to do fun things. She understands it is sometimes necessary to be a serious person, but as much as she enjoys reigning over the people and making them happy, she likes to make herself happy. She doesn't have an abundance of friends, but those she has, she keeps close.
She has three siblings, Dracha, Elnora, and her youngest brother, Achoss. She gets along with all of them and loves them very much. She has always been at least somewhat close with each one and treated them well. As she feels family should remain close because they are the only family they have and they must rule together and have the responsibilities of being royal.
When she was 14 she was on a vacation to an outer rim planet when she was taken from her vacation home and brought to an experimentation facility. During the time period they were holding her they tried many different things on her, using her to see if certain things worked on Humans but one serum being mixed with another caused a mutation in her brain, causing her to not be able to touch people without seeing something about them, whether it be future, past, or present situations, it never mattered. It could be visions of prosperity or visions of death and despair. Sometimes even in her dreams, she dreams of things about herself. Most of the time, these visions are true. 
It was rough for her for a long time to be around people as she didn't know how to contain it and she suddenly had gotten very fearful of touching with others. She was a political figure and met with a lot of politicians and other royalty, she shook hands, hugged some, and other issues as she got older. Eventually she figured out a way to contain this from happening when she touched people. She got special lace gloves designed for herself that were thick enough to prevent touching of skin, but designed well enough so they weren't an eye sore.
When she turned 16 she was deemed as the prime negotiator of Hapes. She had a tendency to focus on the political aspects and usually did the best of coming to agreements, and can put on a good, neutral face among those that Hapes may not necessarily get along with. She is the least bias which makes her a good leader in negotiations.
Family Tree
(As time goes on, I'll add more, but this is the basics I have )
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Noemi Valade
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