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Evan Taylor
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Name: Evan Taylor
Born: 25,818 BBY
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 187 lbs (Prior to his death)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel  

Current Rank: Apprentice 
Affiliation: None
Home World: Typhon 

History: Born in the time before the Galactic Republic or even before the Jedi Order Evan was among the first of the followers of Ashla (Lightside of the Force). He eventually joined the conflict known as the Force Wars, where he distinguished himself as a accomplished warrior who was especially skilled in the ways of the Force. Many of his superiors noted that his understanding of the powers of the Force were far beyond many of them. 
Near the end of the conflict his regiment captured several followers of Bogan (Darkside of the Force), bringing them before the General, for judgement. Evan felt that for their treasonous acts, the great evil that they had brought upon the world and because of the possibility of continued hostility, that they must be put to death. Expressing this opinion in front of all the men, many choice to side with Evan, which worried the General, it was not the way of the followers of Ashla to kill there captives. Chastising Evan, the General expressed his disappointment in him and those that followed him, sighting the principle of mercy and the danger of falling to the ways of Bogan. Evan however didn’t listen and attempted rally the men to kill the captives for the protection of his order. The General was forced to step in to defend the captives and in the battle Evan was mortally wounded.
Wanting Evan to learn from his mistake before becoming one with the Force the General used his abilities to bind Evan’s soul into a nearby crystal formation, binding him to the crystal so that his soul would watch for years as the world passed by him until he was either learned his lesson and embraced Ashla again, or was released.
Evan spent centuries watching the galaxy as it changed around him. He saw the formation of the Jedi Order and the Republic. And was able to expand his vision to watch as the galaxy expanded into a community around him. Eventually he learned to focus his mind until he was able to manifest as a Force ghost which allowed him to influence others, he could speak to those that came into range of his crystal cage, even on occasion possessing those with weaker minds. He had not learned the lesson his General wished him to learn, instead he embraced vengeance and used his new powers to sap the strength of those he trapped to build up enough power to bring himself back to life. Eventually the Jedi Master’s on Typhon discovered his existence and what he was doing to his followers. They managed to find and lock away his crystal in a shielded chest which they moved to the Jedi temple on Ossus, sealing it away from any who would be tempted to open the case. Eventually he was forgotten.
Over time his crystal was moved by the Order to different locations, but he remained still locked away unable to effect the Universe around him only to watch and grow more and more angry. His chest was eventually found by Master Skywalker's new Jedi Order and moved with many relics to the training facility on Yavin IV. After the fall of the Order, his chest was abandoned, left exposed to the elements. Over the last few years the chest was cracked and now Evan is free waiting for someone to come close enough for him to begin his quest for power again. 
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Evan Taylor
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