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A new addition among the corporation's R&D personnel, Anon Nona puts his brilliance in the fields of cybernetics and theoretical applications in a display of fantastical showmanship and ethic-free experimentation.

-Pretty Colours Includes-

- [FI] Faction Included: A thread that includes other members of the faction.
- [NF] Non Faction: A thread that does not include any other faction members.
- [CD] Character Development: A thread dedicated to development of Anon Nona.
- [OT] Operation Thread: A thread where an opposing presence is included (PC or NPC) on a large scale. (ie: Invasion Mission)
- [PCE] Player Character Enhancement: A thread where I provide Enhancement Surgery to another PC.

-Fun with a friend!-

+ Ongoing -
- Deadliest Warrior (Round 2, Fight 2) [NF]
- Upgrades, they'll cost an arm and a leg. [FI] [PCE]

+ Completed -
- Deadliest Warrior (Round 1, Fight 3) [NF]
- At Your Service [NF] [PCE]

+ Incomplete -
- Setting Up Shop [FI] [CD]

-Some alone time.-

+ Ongoing -

+ Completed -
- A Reintroduction of Sorts [NF] [CD]

+ Incomplete -

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