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Descension Wiki: TiCira Hawk

"Life... is a series of fragile moments strung together with diamond thread… Thread that will lead to defining moments that will forever change a person’s life.”

Full Name: TiCira Hawk
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Birthworld: Singing Mountain Clan, Dathomir
Legal Status: Citizen of Coruscant, Dathomir
Living Situation: Unknown
Occupation: Drifter ~ Formally President of OmegaPyrE Services (Private Military and Security Firm)
Affiliation: Independent, Singing Mountain Clan
Force Rank:  Master

Physical Stats
Avatar: Kelly Brook
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 125 pounds
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color:  Hazel

General Appearance:
Long auburn hair with mahogany highlights, reaching up to mid back, usually adorned in several braids with talismans and beads interwoven in them. She is toned and trim of shape and form.

- Family –
Spouse: Seth Draclau
Father: N’Kael (deceased)
Mother: Mi'Ka Hawk

Aunt: Dominque England

Grandmother: Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk (Deceased)
Grandfather:  Unknown
Great-aunt - Curupira D'Arr Hawk

Great-grand mother: Na'ala Hawk (Deceased)
Great-grand Father:  Kyle D'Arr (Deceased)

Sibling(s): Aarrki Hawk (alive), Mik'ela Hawk (deceased)
Children: Chloe Anaeli Draclau


True her roots, TiCira is overly good, and just. She has a good sense of right and wrong, although she is aware that at times, there are certain things that are beyond her control. Despite this, she is willing to try all that she can with what she can control. She's loyal to the end to those she loves, and is perfectly willing to use deadly force to protect and defend them.  She has an inner strength that shines brightly and a temper to match if she ever loses it. She sees the good in people and is a little naive in her desire to help people though it goes out of her way and she receives nothing in return. She's dedicated to her causes and though she is fair in her decision making she's not afraid to dispatch Justice as she sees fit. She has a curious nature almost to a fault and it contributes to the empathy she has for people. Although she does dabble in dark side powers, she is of a neutral good orientation. For her it is not the Force power that determines alignment, but rather the intent behind the use of it. Thus, this is the reason why she feels that there is no problem in using light, dark, or neutral Force powers if it will get the job done.

TiCira Hawk is a Human Force-Sensitive Female, and a Daughter of Allya, more commonly referred as a Dathomir Witch, one with an outlook that is contrary to some of the most ingrain traditions of her female dominated culture, more specifically, her anti slavery point of views. While she acknowledged that her culture considered men to be nothing more than slaves, she didn’t personally agree to it. She is the daughter of Singing Mountain Clan’s clan healer, Mi’Ka Hawk, and her slave N’Kael, and half-sister to Aarrki and Mik’aela.

Trained to take her mother’s place as Clan Healer, TiCira grew up in the wilds of Dathomir, learning her mother’s trade to included using the Force, via spells, to heal. She even mastered the art of procuring herbal remedies from the native fauna, even learning the intricate and deadly art of poison making. Yet all that she prepared for was for naught, for on the cusp of her sixteenth birthday, she was kidnapped along with her younger sister, Aarrki, by Karazak’s Slavers. Bound, drugged, and sold on a Nar Shaddaa auction block, she was separated from her sister, but not before she made a vow to find her.

Two years she spent as a slave under Calick Daragan, a Coruscanti Underworld Antiquities dealer with a taste for exotic female flesh. Just after her eighteenth birthday, she managed to escape, fleeing from Couruscant. Five years later, she fulfilled her promise of finding her sister with the help of Underworld Crime Boss, Seth Draclau, a man who would ultimately through the most unlikely series of events, develop an intimate relationship, giving birth to their daughter, Chloe Draclau a scant ten months later, and running OmegaPyrE, one of the most lucrative legal Private Military and Security Companies in the galaxy.

-Personal Skills-
-Can speak Galactic Basic, Paecian, Huttese
-A healer of advanced abilities with the Force as well as through traditional means. She also has a vast knowledge of medicinal plants and their uses, for healing as well as for killing, enough to have mastered the art of poison making.
-Mastered the Makashi and Niman forms she uses alongside with lightwhip combat, an exotic fighting style designed specifically for the use of lightwhips to create her own unique form of duel wielding shoto and whip form.
- She has willingly allowed herself to undergo training building a higher resistance to pain, control mind, Torture by Chagrin, drain knowledge, and fear.
-Has an extraordinary and intuitive gift for dancing and through eidetic memory, mimicking movements. As such, during her travels, she learned to master  Stava and K'tara  martial art forms and has only an average knowledge of the Echani martial art form.
-Was trained by dark, light, and neutral parties, broadening her knowledge  on various Force methodologies that she excelled in. Has an insatiable interest in expanding this knowledge, all the while stating that it is the intent to which you use the Force with, not the actual Force itself.

Strong willed, dancing, healing, melee combat and lightwhip use.

Although she tends to be level headed, if there is any danger to those she loves, she is quick to react with deadly force if need be, caring not of her own safety as her emotions flare. The scent of deathsticks gives her flashbacks of when she was a slave with Calick, and make her tense and a bit frantic. She spent the better part of her life on Dathomir, and then two years in slavery, so she is very naive and has a hard time grasping common slang terms of outworlders. Common every day things like hotdogs and milk are a mystery to her, so she can be caught unawares and look confused when such things are mentioned. Anything having to do with slavery she is strictly against and is known to go out of her way to help any slave who desires to seek freedom.

-Key Possessions-
Permafrost Lightwhip - A product of her own design, it has a one of a kind curved hilt and three meter whipshaft notched whipshaft made of Beskar, allowing her to use it as a normal whip when not ignited. It contains three different lightsaber crystals, with Permafrost as the primary focusing crystal, producing a deep, icy blue whipshaft. The Velmorite and Hurrikaine crystals are used to create a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse, allowing her to use her blade underwater.

Shoto Lightsaber- A miniaturized lightsaber, it featured a shortened blade length and a curved hilt. TiCira made use of a shoto as the secondary weapon in her duel weilding lightwhip/lightsaber form. It's smaller blade length resulted in a less intensive gyroscopic effect, making the weapon easier for her to handle and helped her defend herself when using the whip in the other hand. It used a durindfire gem as its focusing crystal and is also waterproof, making use of two small krayt dragon pearls to create a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse.

TiCira is a unique case in regards to her Force training. The first sixteen years of her life was spent being trained by her Mother formally as well as other Elders informally within Singing Mountain Clan in the methods of Allyan Magic. Over the years, TiCira has been trained by dark, light, and neutral parties, broadening her knowledge on various Force methodologies that include Sith, Jedi, and even the Shaper's of Kro Var. She has an insatiable interest in expanding this knowledge, all the while stating that it is the intent to which you use the Force with, not the actual Force itself.
Alter Elements (Water)
Force Absorb

Dathomiri Witch Spells
Call Mist II
Call Rain II
Probe Spell III
Mind Weave
Spell of Healing III
Tempest III

Alter Elements (water)
Enhanced Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Deflect
Force Grip
Force Blinding
Force Orb

Healing (other)

Call Mist I
Call Rain I
Probe Spell I
Shield Spell
Spell of Healing II
Spell of Tide Sensing
Tempest II

Alter Elements (water, fire)
Animal Control/Beast Trick
Basic Telekinesis
Create Light
Enhanced Ability
Enhanced Senses
Force Choke
Force Empaty
Force Sense

Control Pain
Healing (Self)
Hibernation Trance


Probe I
Spell of Communication
Spell of Focus
Spell of Healing I
Spell of Water
Tempest I
Weather Sense

(Respective Rp's state the time frame that has past since the previous RP)

Age 0         - Born on Dathomir

Age 3-10   - Began training as an initiate in healing/ water altering arts

Age 11-15 - trained as a Spellweaver

Age 16-18 - Was kidnapped and sold as a slave to Calick Daragan

Age 18.11 – Escaped slavery

Age 19-21.10 – Searched for her sister, Was trained by Sal Norongachi, met Jai Master Eryk Aiden and Jai Knight Buggie. (Background Rp's at Sithlore)

Age 21.11 - A Name to go by...

Age 21.12 - Carnival of Lost Souls Pt 1 and Finding Your Soul Pt 2 / Lessons in Life, Becoming a Man

Age 22.1 -   Happy Birthday TiCira

Age 22.1 -   Welcome to the Party (2nd week)

Age 22.1 -   Why Must Siblings Fight? Playing together is much more fun! (3nd week)

Age 22.1 -   Hard Contact, Hard Merchandise (4th week)

Age 22.1 -   Fumbling Towards Esctasy (CoH RP)

Age 22.2 -   Wedding of Shery and Xander

Age 22.3 -   A Family is only as strong as its Bond

Age 22.8 -   A Road Less Traveled

Age 22.10   Pain is a weakness leaving the body

Age 22.11   In Silence and Shadows

Age     35   Disappeared in a mission to find her missing daughter. Ship crashed on an unknown planet, no survivors. Unknowing, she did survive but lost her memory.

Age     37   Thought you should know : A trip to Tatooine brought Cira to the desert planet. There, she regained her memories, only to come home to the most unexpected of surprises. A week later, she found herself on Naboo. There she met a young woman by the name of Lena...

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