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Who am I?

That is a question usually unattainable by words. Think
about it, can words ever really explain what a living existence is? It is
unique and unequaled in wonder. Our body is just a husk that houses what we
truly are, that undefinable entity. Perhaps you call it soul, perhaps you call
it the force; I say words fall short.

Perhaps I can define myself by my deeds and the friends that
I’ve kept, all of which are gone now.

 I grew up a simple
lad, what’s literally ages ago, I don’t remember where I was born or who my
mother was. My first memories are of traveling with my father, he was a force
practicioner, a rogue Jedi to be exact. He taught me many of my skills: the use
of lightsabers, the basics of the force, and how to pilot craft.

He would have probably loved to teach me more but shortly
after my 15th birthday he met his doom, a terrorist explosion on
what was supposed to be a peaceful mission. I narrowly escaped with my life but
what was taken from me that day was irreplaceable.

It wasn’t long before I had declared myself a master of the
force because I taught myself a few additional tricks. I tried to help people
the best I could, which usually led to incursions with the true Jedi who were
quick to shun one who didn’t follow the code. They ridiculed my self-given

I fled into the outer-rim territories where I fell in with
another Rogue Jedi, Joni Wan Techu. He was building himself an academy for
rogue force users on Abbaji, a beautiful rainforest world. He offered me a
position as an instructor and friend.

Of course I agreed.

It was in those next years I learned just how little I truly
knew about life and the force. I taught those I encountered what I knew and
they taught me in return, Abbaji was a wonderful place where nobody was judged
for their beliefs and everyone shared their knowledge; it was a brotherhood.

To me it felt like a Golden Age.

Then war plagued the galaxy, the Brotherhood of Rogue’s did
their best to stay at the forefront of Galactic matters though our numbers were
low. Soon we found ourselves fighting on all fronts, against the Jedi and the
Sith, the Empire, the Alliance and more. Nobody accepted us.

During the fighting we won more than we lost, ten enemies
fell for every one of ours. We were warriors unlike any the galaxy had seen before. Jedi,
Sith, even non force users began bolstering our ranks as we gained influence
throughout the galaxy. This caught the attention of the powers that be and not in a good way.

They overwhelmed us at every turn. Two centuries worth of secret traps and ambushes all through the known Galaxy pecked at our ranks. It
wasn’t safe to be a known member of the Brotherhood, quickly our numbers
diminished again, we just didn’t have the manpower to put up a prolonged fight
from all angles.

So what few of us were left decided to exile ourselves to
Abbaji, our chosen home. Only a handful of us actually returned though, I like
to think the others returned to their families or their previous lives but I’m
afraid that’s knowledge I’ve never gained.

Knowing we were crippled and that they’d not be hearing from
us again the powers that be let us remain on Abbaji unbothered. We reverted to
growing our own food and lived the best we could. As time passed the remaining
rogues died or left on adventures never to return. Now I am all that’s left of
the Brotherhood, how much longer I will live is unforeseen.

I only hope there is some purpose left in my life. Time has
taken everything from me.

Who am I? I don’t

-Jameris Malak
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Jameris Malak; the Force Master - Bio, Threads, Powers
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Re-emergence to the Galaxy

Friend or Foe? You decide. - (Summary upon completion.)
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Jameris Malak; the Force Master - Bio, Threads, Powers
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[/size]Neutral Powers
  • Telepathy [transfer]
  • Breath Control [transfer]
  • Force Sense [transfer]
  • Basic Alter Image [transfer]
  • Basic Telekinesis [transfer]
  • Enhance Ability [transfer]
  • Meditative Trance [transfer]
  • Force Persuasion [transfer]
  • Force Empathy
  • Farsight [transfer]
  • Magnify Senses [transfer]
  • Animal Friendship [transfer]
Lightside Powers
  • Control Pain [transfer]
  • Force Healing (self) [transfer]
Neutral Powers
  • Enhanced Force Sense [transfer]
  • Enhanced Telekinesis
  • Enhanced Alter Image
  • Battle Precognition
  • Force Choke
  • Force Deflect
  • Force Sight
  • Force Spark
  • Tapas
  • Body Adjustment
  • Conceal Alignment
  • Mental Translocation
  • Alter Elements - Earth & Fire
Lightside Powers
  • Force Healing (other)
  • Plant Surge
  • Force Stun
Neutral Powers
  • Alter Environment - Fire
  • Force Concealment
  • Force Vision
  • Force Bubble
  • Mastered Alter Image
  • Mastered Telekinesis
Lightside Powers
  • Electric Judgement
  • Master Plant Surge
  • Force Stasis
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