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Helmut Todstern - WIP
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Birth Name:  Abedicus Helmut Todstern
Aliases:  Helmut A. Todstern, Realmstream
Chronological Age (True Age):  248
Apparent Physical Age:  34
Gender:  Male
Birthworld:  Mustafar
Homeworlds:  Mustafar, Naboo, Coruscant
Racial Heritages:  1/2 Epicanthix, 1/2 Firrerreo
Legal Status:  Citizen of Naboo, Citizen of Coruscant, Factory Owner of Mustafar
Relationship Status:  Widower
Occupation:  Schism - Lead R&D Technician

Wife:  Ekri Todstern (Deceased)
Son: Sanu Todstern (NPC, Deceased)
Father:  Toblos Todstern (Deceased)
Mother:  Amela Xaplos (Deceased)

Current Affiliation: The Galactic Empire
Former Affiliations:  Dark Force, The Confederacy of Independent Systems, The Galactic Empire, Schism Co.
Rank:  Trainee
Former Ranks:  Dark Scholar (Dark Force - Over a period of 5 years)

Personal Skills:  Helmut can speak and understand Basic and Mustafarian with complete fluency, and he can understand, but not speak, Binary and Huttese.  He is skilled in fighting hand to hand in a style that is comparable to the deadlier form of Tai Chi.  He is also skilled in fighting with blaster rifles, blaster pistols, and heavy blaster pistols, as well as grenades, but he prefers to either let droids fight for him, or fight in one on one hand combat. Lastly, he is skilled in building, outfitting, repairing and designing droid technology as well as physical and mental enchancement technology.

Personality:  In casual conversation, Helmut is very blunt. To him, it's either you don't have time to talk, or you're being lazy and wasting time. While he does have emotions, he chooses not to express them as often as most people would. Around sexual encounters or situations, however, Helmut often becomes topsy-turvy; he becomes very emotional, yet very subtle. It makes him remember his old life with his family, before they each slowly died off.

Activities:  Reasearching droids and the connection to the Force, working for a friend's company, Schism Corporation, and expressing publicly his distaste for the Alliance.

Physical Characteristics Known:
Avatar: Prince Michael of Kent
Height:  6' 7"
Weight:  202 lbs
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color: Red
Other: His arms, legs, and the majority of his torso and inner organs have been replaced with cybernetic replacements (except his heart, his brain and skeleton, the latter which has been encased in durasteel on some parts, such as his ribcage). He also possesses strength enhancements to his cybernetics (equal to x2 human strength) in his legs and arms, and a wireless comlink hookup around the back of his head.

Force Powers:

Force Sense
The most basic ability for  all Force users, Force Sense enables the Force User to feel another  being’s presence, see the future, sense impending danger, and feel  traumatic events through ripples in the Force.

Prerequisite:  Force Sense
Telepathy allows telepathic  communication over small or vast distances with other individuals using  the Force. The distance this can be accomplished over depends on the  abilities of both the sender and the receiver, as well as the connection between the two.

Torture By Chagrin
Prerequisite: Telepathy
Torture by Chagrin consists of  reaching into the victim's subconscious and forcing them to re-live all  the worst memories of their life over and over again, until it seems to  almost cause physical pain. Victims demonstrate a slight increase in  intelligence and efficiency after recovering from use of this ability.

Known Possessions:  Numerous formal outfits, black scientific robes, dual vibrodaggers tied to his shins at all times, lightsaber (orange); owner of H.T. Droid Coporation (current subsidiary of Schism Corp.)

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Helmut Todstern - WIP
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Helmut Todstern - WIP
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