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Kiskla Grayson Tracking Thread
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Age 12 (Padawan)
Time to Rise - Kiskla begins her Jedi training with Master Antares Marclonus. Complete[/color]
Age 16 (Padawan)
Look what I can do, daddy! - Kiskla teaches herself to ionize droids and holocams. Complete

Age 17 (Padawan)
Forging of a new Capitol - Kiskla is reunited with Antares after being away on family business, and is assigned to a mission with Jela Starfire. They close their mission of diplomacy with the clerics who have taken up residency at the Jedi Temple on Naboo. The treaty between Naboo and the Alliance is signed and validated. Complete[/color]
A gift for the Alliance - Wanting to fly with the Shrike Squadron, Kiskla takes to the air with Admiral Adama and his team: only to be interrupted by a generous gift from Mon Cal. Complete

What're we smashing?-Just your average night out drinking with Talia Verde on Naboo. Complete [/font]
Friend or Foe? You Decide.- Talia and Kiskla decide to spend some quality time tracking down an abandoned Jedi Temple -- and happen to stumble across an abandoned Jedi Master. Complete [/font]
Nature Calls - Kiskla and Merlin hike to the top of MtValin, Naboo to immerse themselves with the elements. Complete
Age 18 (Apprentice)
Learning Curve - Kiskla seeks Master Methias Fiore's assistance to learn how to heal herself, and others. Complete
"Top gun" -Merely a blue milk run to Zolan taking a newly graduated cadet, Zackary Zelus, out for a test run. Complete
A celebration to remember - Inactive
Call to arms - Undercover Alliance mission to infiltrate a disgusting gladiator styled arena. Complete
[/font] Step right up, let's see what you got - Complete
[/font] First Steps - Kiskla responds to a message relayed by Master Fiore, requesting that available Jedi go to Alderaan. After rescuing what survivors she could, Destota Valentine arrives and takes her on as his official Apprentice. Complete
Relief is on its way! Inactive

[/font] What's his face Kiskla talks with a Kir-al, a Mandalorian about joining the Alliance in order to exchange resources. The situation goes over her diplomatic resources and she directs him to the Supreme Commander. Complete
I like the sound of this. Kiskla answers a message from her father demanding her return to Kiffu. He is crowned Sheyff of Kiffu, and she, Princess. Complete

Nobody's on Nobody's Side
The Empire's Grand Vizier defects and requests the aid of The Alliance. Kiskla leads the team for the extraction. Complete

Difficult and Dangerous Times The interrogation of Avadreia Lacroix. Complete

On Silver Shores Kiskla's training with Destota Valentine intensifies on Chandrila. ****KNIGHTING THREAD******* COMPLETE

Age 19 (Knight)[/font]

Through my eyes More training immediately following the Knighting of Kiskla Grayson with Gaven Antilles on Chandrila. Their relationship develops. Complete[/font]

Cover of Darkness Alliance raid on Taris. Complete

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out Kiskla jumps between two launches to get to Ossus in response to a threat. Complete

Taking Stock Kiskla trains Serinn Sarkin with basic telepathy. Inactive

Beyond Blue Skies Sara Arkelion officially decides to use her prowess for good. Complete

A long overdue reunion Just that. Inactive

Ladies Chat Avadreia Lacroix offers some political insight. Inactive

Finding Reason Kiskla is on Coruscant recruiting Alliance personnel, and runs into a conflicted Sith Knight, Jake Daniels. Inactive.

The Plague The Empire releases a deadly plague on Amuund. Kiskla and Destota leave The Resolute to assist Ben Watts on the planet, where Kiskla falls victim to the Plague. Complete

Une fois de plus, pour moi. Suffering from the after effects of the Plague, some of Kiskla's post-symptoms begin to show. Then Destota Valentine and Kiskla Grayson officially get engaged, and retreat to Coruscant to disappear for a few days to celebrate. Complete

Cascade of Darkness. The Jedi seek revenge for the havoc on Amuund. Inactive

To Serve and Protect. Kiskla seeks the source of her invasive visions. Complete

The ground is for schmucks Kiskla trains Private Fiore how to pilot a starfighter. Active

Age 19 (Master)

New Realities Kiskla helps train Trate Lill to disconnect from the dark side. Complete

Prone to drift Destota officially proposes that Kiskla join the Black Dragon Knights. Complete

Pierce the veil Now an official member of BDK, Kiskla flies cover for the rest of the Knights on a rescue mission. Complete

Immortalize Kiskla struggles with The Son taking over her temper, and lashes out at Destota. Complete

Undoing Ruin The official Black Dragon Knight's takeover of Corellia. Kiskla acts as a diplomat. Complete

Tone and hone Kiskla kills time on Kiffu and practices a few new Force tricks. Complete

The Nameless Base Kiskla convinces Ord Trasi's Chancellor of BDK's intentions. Complete

Jedi Unite As a Jedi Master, Kiskla joins with the other Jedi to discuss the actions taken toward Project Genesis. Complete

Kings for a Day Kiskla offers her opinion on a dangerous, third-party mission concerning the Mon Cal shipyards. Complete

Shifting Sands Kiskla and Destota follow K's intuition to a nomadic sandperson on Tattooine. Complete

Commutatus Complete

The Jedi's Coruscanti Adventures Investigating the Empire's most recent act of darkness on Coruscant. Active

Nice Day for a White Wedding Kiskla and Destota's wedding day on Naboo. Active

Learning the Ropes Kiskla teaches Master Arkelion a little thing or two about healing. Active

Inferno BDK takes over Rendili. Active

Come at me, bro Kiskla teaches Commander Jarr a few ways to counter Force users. Active[/font]

Bringing truth into light teaching a Jedi hopeful a few tricks. Active[/font]

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