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Zackary Zelus
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Current Age:18

Hair: Dark Brown

Left Eye :Brown Right Eye: Green

Height: 6ft 2in.

Body Type: Lean and Muscular

Race: Human

Occupation:X-Wing Specialist and Pilot

Rank: Flight Cadet

Callsign: "Shadow"

NPC's: Sam- Q9-X2 

Background Story


The doctor had come as quickly as he could despite the enormous amount of rain that was falling. On the planet Bakura, it was almost always raining it seemed. The doctor had been with Zoe for almost five hours now. Aaron was waiting outside the room pacing nerviously. Five hours with no signs of progress, he was getting extremely worried about his wife. At this point the doctor came out of the room. “ Aaron I need to speak with you quickly.” Aaron turned and trotted to stand in front of the doctor hoping to catch a glance at his wife and the situation within.  “Yes doc?” The doctor cleared his throat before speaking, “We are having some…complications. I am being forced to conduct a different method. I have to get this baby out before we lose Zoe. It is risky and there is a chance we could lose one or the other, possibly both.” Aaron’s heart sank at the sound of the doctors words. As he stared at the ground, trying his best to keep his composure, he whispered “Do what you have to Doc, but I am coming in to stand beside my wife.” They both nodded and made their way into the room. As Aaron looked at his wife he noticed how pale and weak she had become since the beginning of her labor. She slowly gave Aaron a soft weak smile, “I’m sorry Aar...” Zoe’s head slowly fell to the side and both men rushed to her side. The doctor franticly checking the vitals of the woman in labor while Aaron grabbing his wife’s hand and squeezing as tears started forming in his eyes. “She is unconscious and her pulse is dropping,” said the Doctor. “I must get the baby out now.” As the Doctor started his procedure, Aaron had never felt so helpless before. The fearless man he had become was as scared as a small child. He just stared at his wife and held her hand with tears now streaming down his face. An hour later which felt like an eternity to Aaron the oddly pleasant sounds of a crying newborn filled the air. Quickly the Doctor wrapped and handed off the baby to his father. Just a quick smile at Aaron and his son was all the Doctor could spare for he knew he had to get back to Zoe. Aaron was awestruck at the fact he was holding his son. His Son!  The Doctor slowly stood up and pushed his chest out while throwing his arms out wide as Aaron heard a loud ‘pop’ coming from the man’s back. The doctor proceeded to step towards Aaron “Your wife will make it, she needs plenty of rest. We almost lost her.” The Doctor stopped in front of Aaron, “I need to see the boy.” The Doctor grabbed the boy and Aaron knelt beside his wife. While the Doctor checked the boy, Aaron watched over his beautiful wife. He leaned down close to her ear, “Thank you Zoe, I was so worried.” As the words left his mouth he felt a soft squeeze of her hand as she rolled her head toward him. “You worry too much,” as she smirked. Aaron hated and loved that smirk of hers at the same time, It the side of her that he could never keep track of. “And you are the only one who scares the crap out of me,” as he started smiling. She shied away from his dark brown eyes as was typical for her to do, “well now there is two.” Aaron blinked and smiled, “you are right.” The Doctor walked over to Aaron, “I have examined your son, and he has a pinched nerve in the back of his neck and the looks of some form of Heterochromia. I can’t diagnose anymore then that until he grows older. He is very healthy otherwise.” As the Doctor handed the boy to his mother, Aaron noticed slight change of color from the normal baby blue eyes in one eye. The slight green shade wasn’t very noticeable. “He is beautiful…Zackary, Zackary Zelus” said his mother.

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Zackary Zelus
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