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Mercutio Starkiller (W.I.P.)
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                         Mercutio Starkiller 

Age- 26
Hair color- Brown
Eye color- Grey
Height- 6’1
Weight- 218 pounds
Appearance- White/ pale skin tone
Distinguishing marks- Heavily tattooed from his neck to his waist line, including the family tattoo.
Homeworld- Corellia
Personality- Quiet, yet arrogant. Embraces hatred, and the dark side with absolute conviction.
Strengths- Proficient in almost all of the Teräs Käsi unarmed combat techniques, he has also learned to incorporate them with his light saber dueling.(Think Darth Maul) His greatest strength however, is the dark side and the way he manipulates it to his will.
Weaknesses- His hatred clouds his judgment at times, causing him to lose focus and not act rationally
Force Alignment: Dark Side
Affiliation: Starkiller family
Rank: Sith Knight
Known Master(s): Xander Starkiller
Known Apprentice(s): TBD
Known Family
Father: Jax Starkiller (dead)
Mother: Sophie Starkiller (dead)
Uncle: Anubis Starkiller, Lucian Drakul
Siblings: Xander Starkiller, Kailey Starkiller, Mark Starkiller, Isobel Starkiller
Cousin: Eric Corven
Niece(s): Aurora Starkiller
Nephew(s): Jason Starkiller, Coren Starkiller, Alistair Starkiller
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Mastered force powers Apprentice level:

Alter elements-Wind/Air
Create gusts of wind
-Basic Telekinesis
-Enhance ability
-Enhance senses
-Force sense
-Breath control
-Force Choke
-Force comprehension
-Force empathy
-Force jump
-Force persuasion
-Force speed


-Force rage

Mastered Knight level powers:

-Alter elements II
-Battle precognation
-Enhanced Telekinesis
-Enhanced force sense
-Force deflect
-Force spark
-Force grip

-Sith Alchemy

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Mercutio Starkiller (W.I.P.)
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