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Basic Info
Birth Name:  Maeve ScierranAlias:  MaeveAge:  17Gender:  FemaleBirthworld:  YashuvhuHomeworld:  NabooRacial Heritage:  Near-Human
Legal Status:  Naboo citizenRelationship Status:  SingleOccupation:  None
Affiliation:  Rogue, currentlyRank:  Force Practitioner Apprentice
Personal Skills:  Maeve can speak and understand Basic, and is a surprisingly skilled practitioner for a novice when it comes to melee combat.  She also has little training in unarmed combat.
Personality:  Maeve is social enough with other people, though she prefers the company of animals - even if they're hostile at first.
Force Abilities Known:Neutral Apprentice -Force SenseTelepathyAnimal Friendship
Known Physical Characteristics:Height:  5'4"Weight:  136 lbs.Hair Color:  Dark BrownEye Color:  GreyOther:  Tattoo on left arm
Possessions:  Personal clothing, and a single custom-made dagger.
Companion:  A Sekotan lizard she's named "Dusty" for reasons known only to her.
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Added to the bio index!