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Siryn Delos
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Basic Info
Birth Name:  Siryn DelosAlias:  FrostAge:  25Gender:  Female Birthworld:  CorelliaHomeworld:  CoruscantRacial Heritages:  Echani
Legal Status:  Coruscant citizenRelationship Status:  SingleOccupation:  Bounty Hunter, Mercenary
Affiliation:  The AllianceRank:  Trainee
Personal Skills:  Siryn is well-trained in the Echani style of unarmed combat, as well as dual-wielding and melee combat.  As well, she can speak and understand Galactic Basic Standard.
Personality:  Siryn is as cold as her nickname suggests, preferring to get in, get the job done, and get back out in any situation, instead of socializing.  Though she will socialize a bit, but only with people she's actually met in the past.
Known Physical Characteristics:Avatar:  Serinda SwanHeight:  5'7"Weight:  145 lbs.Hair Color:  WhiteEye Color:  Pale Blue
Known Possessions:  Personal clothing, a set of 8 throwing knives, and a pair of vibroknives.
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Siryn Delos
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