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Imperial Rank Structure
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(*=Denotes a Unique Rank. Unique Ranks are held by only one character at a time.)
(**=Denotes a Limited Rank. Limited Ranks are held by only select characters)


01. Grand Moff*
02. Executor*
03. Lord Imperator*


Trainee Ranks
01. Prefect

Adept Ranks
02. Governor

Elite Ranks
03. Moff**

Navy / Army and Stormtrooper Corps

Trainee Ranks
01. Recruit
02. Crewman / Private
03. Petty Officer / Corporal
04. Chief Petty Officer / Sergeant
05. Master Chief / Master Sergeant
06. Ensign / Lieutenant

Adept Ranks
07. Lieutenant / Captain
08. Lieutenant Commander / Major
09. Commander / Lieutenant Colonel
10. Captain / Colonel
11. Commodore / Brigadier General
12. Rear Admiral / Major General

Elite Ranks
13. Admiral / General
14. Grand Admiral** / Grand General**

Imperial Intelligence

Trainee Ranks
01. Junior Agent

Adept Ranks
02. Agent
03. Special Agent
04. Assistant Chief

Elite Ranks
05. Chief
06. Deputy Director**
07. Director*

Sith Order

Apprentice Ranks
01. Acolyte

Knight Ranks
02. Disciple

Master Ranks
03. Master / Mistress

**NOTE** IC Ranks may be assigned regardless of a character's OOC rank at the discretion of TRE leadership.
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Imperial Rank Structure
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Notes on Army, Navy, and Stormtrooper Ranks

The Army and the Stormtrooper Corps both use the exact same rank structure.  The ranks are identically named and equivalent across both branches.

Commissioned officer (CO) ranks begin with Lieutenant (Army) and Ensign (Navy).  This is relevant if you have a Trainee character in the military who has graduated from the Imperial Military Academies on Bastion.  The Imperial Army Academy and Imperial Naval Academy are colleges that train young men and women and commission them in their respective branches upon graduation.  If your character's back story has your character graduating from one of the Academies, he or she will begin service as an Ensign or a Lieutenant.  Otherwise, all Trainee characters in the military will begin service in the non-commissioned officer (NCO) ranks.  This does not change the rule which allows players to choose their character's in-character ranks so long as they correspond with their out-of-character (Trainee,Adept,Elite) rank, however it does mean that characters who have graduated from one of the Academies cannot choose to be anything below Ensign or Lieutenant.
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