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Adrianna Fiore
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Adrianna Fiore
Adrianna Fiore

Profession: Jedi Master

Species: Human

Age: Irrelevant

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Appearance:  The blond long haired beauty stands 5'7" tall with radiant blue eyes. Approximately 125 lbs fills out her shapely form as she stands elegantly among anyone that she is with. She wears dresses made of Corellian silk in the colors of blue or green. She does, however like to wear a pair of light pants and a blouse.

Distinguishing marks: Scar on her left cheek, (From Athena Somir), Scar from a vibro dagger on the right side of her chest (from Arlicc Somir) blaster scar on her right thigh, 2 separate saber scars through her right thigh (One from Ket Limelight, the other from Mason England), scar down the spine of her back from a saber (from Ket Limelight), a scar above her heart from a dagger piercing her skin.(From Saharia), a scar through her right hip (from the battle of Firrerre)  

Homeworld: Corellia

World she calls home:  Y'Sad

Parents: Alexander (Deceased), Amelia Ultron (Deceased)
Siblings: Amalia Braska (half-sister); Nathanial Ultron, Teela Ultron(Sister-in-law); Tara Ultron (Sister); Elias Fiore (Brother-in-law), Leentje Fiore (Sister-in-law); Setheran Fiore (Brother-in-law)
Husband: Methias Fiore (deceased)
Children: Deidre, Yaran, Ceryni (Triplets), Il'Sirus, Ithiel, Malikar (Twins), Sevorah (Adopted), Coren Starkiller, Leylah Ultron 
Nephew:  Namric Fiore, Arikos Fiore, Lono Draclau
Nieces: Sienne Fiore; Aaralyn Fiore, Kyle Fiore (Twins), Skye Ultron, Demala Draclau


Soft spoken sometimes, but she will stand up and be a strong Jedi and fight for the cause of saving the innocent.  When it comes to training recruits, Adrianna does not mess around.  She wants them to become strong Jedi and for them to realize that the Galaxy is a dangerous place to be. 


          Such a turbulent life she’d lead.  One would have believed any other Jedi to have fallen to the Darkside.  Adrianna Fiore has always seemed to have pulled through her dilemmas.

Her young years with her father could be remembered being filled with watching various holocrons about the Jedi, reading a multitude of books and learning the Force power Telepathy.  This way she would be able to speak to her father silently.  He had not told her the truth about why he was teaching her such things.  They had become close because of their time together.

At the wee age of 10, she lost her beloved father, Senator Alexander Ultron to a brutal murder.  Luckily his best friend and confidant within the Senate stood fast and tall for the Ultron family.  Brendan Revata quickly stepped in and assumed the role as a surrogate father role for Adrianna and her younger siblings Nate and Tara.  He took on this role without a second thought, almost as if it were his duty to his friend.   
Brendan and his family resided next door to the Ultrons.

Throughout her teenage years, Adrianna grew along side Leentje and Neav Revata, Brendan’s own children.  She became best friends with Leentje from the time they were small children.  Lady Ultron saw it only fitting that her oldest daughter marry into upper Corellian Society just as she had done so many years ago upon marrying Alexander.  The balls, dances, parties and other miscellaneous events Adrianna was forced to be take part in were dreadful to say the least.

          Seeing the opportunity at the age of 21, Adrianna Ultron boarded The Tide.  The ship her late father had bequeathed to her so many years before and headed for Dantooine.  It was on Dantooine at the Jedi Enclave she met the love of her life, Methias Fiore, Prince of Y’Sad.  Their love was so deep; Methias married Adrianna Ultron, an offworlder.  Being the fact that she was not only an offworlder, she was also a Jedi.  This was considered heresy in their eyes.

He aided in the discovery of her father’s murderer was in fact Brendan Revata and Adrianna’s mother Amelia Ultron.  Methias also helped her find the information regarding that her father had previously been a Jedi Master who gave up his life as a Jedi, because he was so deeply in love, to marry and have a family.  Neav Revata, Sith Knight at the time also made the revelation to Adrianna, Leentje and Methias that Brendan and Amelia had been having an affair.  This affair had spawned a child by the name of Amalia Braska.  Ashamed of that fact, the child was given away to family.  Amalia eventually became a Jedi Master.  She is Adrianna’s older sister.

Six children she bore to Methias before his untimely death.  They also adopted a daughter. Their children are a set of triplets Deidre, Yaran and Ceryni, Il'Sirus, adopted daughter Sevorah, twins Malikar and Ithiel IV.  Deidre is named for Methias' mother.  Due to the high importance of her job and how necessary it is to keep herself available at any time to defend those that were unable to defend themselves, Adrianna remained on Dantooine in order to serve the Jedi. Upon a visit home to visit her husband, was brutally murdered by Sith Mistress Athena Somir whilst he slept. They only had five wonderful years together.  Her devastation was beyond measure.

On a visits home to Corellia after her husband’s death seeking the solace of her family, the Jedi Master saw that it proved to be one that she felt, in the end she should have avoided; as her mother was murdered the same Sith that murdered her husband. The young Jedi found comfort and solace in the Force.

Never believing she would overcome her grief, Jedi Master Adrianna Fiore poured her very heart and soul into the Jedi until her chance meeting with Xander Starkiller, Sith Knight.  Yes, he was a Sith, but Adrianna could see the good in everyone.  Perhaps he was trying to sway her to the Darkside, she would not have it.  Xander would see how much she could love and forgive for him attempting to sway her.

For one beautiful year they were together.  For the Jedi Master, love was a many splendid thing.  No matter what she and Xander had, he never said the words “I love you” to her.  When she became pregnant with his child, she put off telling him as long as she could in the hopes he would tell her he loved her; to no avail.  Unable to face him and tell him the truth; that he would soon be the father of her child, Adrianna ran off to Y’Sad abandoning her relationship with Xander Starkiller to give birth to their son Coren.  Adrianna raised Coren as Methias’ son without so much as a word to Xander.

Coren began questioning why his features did not resemble those of a Y’Sadian. Princess Fiore assured him this was simply due to the fact he took after her instead of his father; a simple explanation to be sure.  As she also informed him, his brother Ceryni possessed eyes of blue for quite some time, though his did eventually change to red.  Coren seemed to accept this answer from his mother.

During her time of raising all the children and being with the Jedi she began a relationship with her long time friend and fellow Jedi Master Dorsek Runningstrider.  Though it did not last she was happy with him in the time they shared.  Perhaps because she was the diplomat and he the Battlemaster.  Whatever the reason, she regretted nothing about it.  The two still remain close friends and share everything with one another.  

While keeping her promise to Methias to never train their children in the ways of the Force, Adrianna began training Coren.  Never once did he question this until his teenage years.  Why would he change her youngest son and not the others?  All the children were aware of the promise she had made to their father.  The explanation she had given him; that she felt it was time that one of her children learn the ways of the Force did not sit well with Coren.

It was during his training that his suspicions arose to the point in which he began a search into the true heritage of his birth.  Old holos of his birth father found in his mother’s suite caused Coren to confront Adrianna. With the information out in the open, Adrianna had no choice but to tell him the truth about his real father.

Losing her youngest child to the Darkside of the Force was a blow to her in which the mother and Jedi Master found difficult to accept.  Because of this, she followed her son ending up on the doorstep of her ex lover, Xander Starkiller.  Her ex reassured her that he would watch over their son while he trained with Xander’s wife Sith Mistress Shery deWinter.

She became the Grandmaster of the Jedi and fell in love with none other than Xander’s younger brother and Jedi Knight Mark Halcyon. It had been almost 20 years since Adrianna had opened her heart again.  Since she never knew if Xander loved her, the Corellian born woman closed herself off to everyone.  Mark assisted and reminded her how beautiful love could be.  As cruel as love can be sometimes, like Adrianna and Xander, she and Mark also parted ways.  Since then, she stepped down from the position as Grandmaster and lives her life as a Jedi Master.

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Adrianna Fiore
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