Author Topic: The Sanguine Potestatem Member List  (Read 1148 times)

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The Sanguine Potestatem Member List
« on: 04/18/12 17:52:58 »
This is the member list of the Sanguine Potestatem. If you've missed the check in or have joined after the check in was made, please reply to this thread and fill this in:

Character Name:
Character Path: Path of the Warrior / Path of the Sorceress / Pathless / NFU
Character Rank:
Link to one IC post:

The Sanguine Potestatem Member List[/color]

The Path of the Warrior The Path of the Sorceress
  • Fighter
  • Gladiator
    • Angelo Cavataio
  • Warrior
  • Acolyte
    • Mira Cavataio
  • Magician
  • Sorceress
    • Asteria deWinter
    • Nessarose deWinter
The Path-less NFUs
  • Apprentice
    • Candy Starre
  • Knight
    • Domino
  • Master
  • Servant
  • Gentry
    • Razelle Breuner
  • Privileged

Characters: 8 (7 during check in)

Rank Progression

Rank Progression on the Sanguine Potestatem happens on two different levels, the IC and the OOC.

OOC refers to getting approval for a rank up, as per the IC Promotion Guidelines. If you have completed the minimum requirements, please send a pm to Nessarose deWinter and fill out the following:
Character Name:
Advancing From:
Advancing to:
Link to previous promotion thread (if applicable):
Link to threads you wish to use for promotion:

Rank Pins

King and Queen

Path of the Warrior | Path of the Sorceress

Nonforce Users




Wardens of the Ice

Wardens of the Fort

Wardens of the Rock

Wardens of the Pyramid

(buttons coming soon)

* Rank pins made by Nessarose deWinter and may not be used anywhere off of Descension.
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The Sanguine Potestatem Member List
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Character Name: Fine, fine. I'm here.
Character Path: Normie
Character Rank: Lazy
Link to one IC post: Almost-smut