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Tarzan Tarkis -The Duke-
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-Name- (paraphrased from his brothers)

Tarzan Tarkas (Lievdon)



Republic Remnant/Duke



Half-Vong, Conceived by Midichlorians.








Quite toned.



blue eyes and blonde hair


-Distinguishing marks-

Blue within blue eyes.



Born on Csilla



Mother, Hannah Lievdon (from a Nabian high class family - last surviving member)

Father, genetic material manipulated to birth Tarzan through midichlorian manipulation by the plane tof body and mind, native vong heritage present in his physical structure.



Tarkis can be stoic at times but in general is a boring guy to sit next to. No overly violent behavior unless encouraged and he has always preferred to try and sort out through non physical means, preferring the word and subterfuge. His mother taught him manners, how to treat a lady and right from wrong and the indifference in-between. His life living within royal boundaries taught him patience, publicity skills dealing with many cultures and peoples throughout all. He has matured less than adjusted to the galaxy, adhering to a strict regimen of physical prowess and mental agility. Despite whom his father may have been. He does have faults however and enjoys when people probe his space, always being one who needs to have their own way, observing a test or meeting or event with reserved, withdrawn talents, centering his mind to deal with life’s quandaries

Patience and understanding may not be part of his virtues but often kept in check by the subtle Princess he servers.



Birthed on the planet of body and mind he was born almost two years before mother was drugged and raped during one of the trips she was making to sell family goods. He clearly remembers his grandparents but by the time he was seven they had both passed away leaving himself and his mother to carry on the family business while he branched off with a mutual agreement concerning his mother and certain Royal profit holdings,  which Tarkis noted had become quite profitable. He knew he was the same as everyone else within succession and when at age 17 they went to trade with the closest jedi temple in the star system he decided he would like to assist and explore the Factions history, noting, the Republic. His gift. His mother, forbidding him permission she disowned her son to be raised by the Planet entity Zonama Sekot. During that time he was taught what it is to be Royalty and the responsibilities of life, an emphasis on teaching martial skills and the use of force imbued weapons but a special interest as he grew older in the harder forms of battle  kindled- the battle with words. Having always been fascinated with people and civilization, trying to understand language proved quite useful. Paying special interest in the art of war though he was marked within the line to ascension as by no means the strongest, albeit most cunning member of the Republic Remnant Aristocracy.

 The Duke was presented with such title as he assumed command of a Republic Remnant command carrier, the last known fleet of the Republicfaction  limping home after being defeated, saving whatever he could as the Captain and bridge crew lay burnt to a crisp on the floor around him. The princess commemorated him and was positioned the de-facto leader.



Flexible moral fiber, aware, acrobatic and skilled at diplomacy,



Flexible moral fiber(Dual trait), one lung(removed), no vong physical enhancements, medical plate fused to his skull, hair graph to hide the injury Tarkis experiences constant migraines, clouding his vision (sight) from time to time.

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Tarzan Tarkis -The Duke-
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Hey Tarzan,
I have a few questions about your profile.

How is your character a Vong yet family related to humans? (I tried looking it up but couldn't find any Vong breeding with humans anywhere)
Also, could you please list at least two weaknesses?


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Tarzan Tarkis -The Duke-
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Edited the bio : P

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Tarzan Tarkis -The Duke-
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added to the bio list!