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Kiskla "Wildfire" Grayson
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Name: Kiskla Freya Grayson
Current Age:19
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Kiffar

Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Weight: one hundred twenty-six pounds
Hair Colour: Icy-blonde (on the verge of white)
Eye Colour: Cerulean
Skin Colour: Pale
Build: Lithe, toned

Current IC Rank :
Jedi Knight 
Flight Commander Lieutenant (Alliance Naval Command)

                 Princess of Kiffu Guardians

Master:  Antares Marclonus (AWOL) / Destota Valentine 

Affiliation[/b][/b] The Alliance
Home World:[/b] Naboo/ Kiffu
Birth World: [/b]Naboo

 Personality: When she was younger, Kiskla was the epitome of an ‘eager beaver’. Pleased to just be blessed with the privilege of training with the Jedi Marclonus, she did her utmost to please. She worked hard, and was a quick learner. Kiskla was exceptionally social, and bubbly, wide-eyed and ready to humbly accept direction. She pushed herself never to quit, and once a challenge was posed, she fought to meet it. Most of her qualities carried through her adolescent transition.

In short, Kiskla is a very headstrong individual. Her sense of pride is overwhelming, and easily damaged. She takes failure as a personal insult and does her utmost to avoid it: this often leads to reckless, unadvised actions.  She has a great amount of passion for her causes, but her vision is sometimes clouded by frustration. It’s best that she surrounds herself with calm individuals to balance her sometimes innately volatile response.
She is also is very cognizant of her abilities, and does not hesitate to show off at any given time. Her cockiness is especially evident when speaking of the speed someone may pilot their aircraft as opposed to her own. Also, quick mention: if she has ever been wronged, it will be remembered. Her grudges stick.

Strengths (social, racial, combat, etc.):

-Physically capable: Kiskla is exceptionally speedy with her movements, especially when under the pressure of battle. She also pushes her body to the limits, and is exceptionally acrobatic-
-Outgoing: able to strike conversation should it provide her gain
-Excellent pilot (very reckless maneuvers most are timid to attempt, usually evasive)
-Eloquent: Skilled in the art of speech, her wit is one of her most valuable assets to her arsenal
-Racial: Being a Kiffar, Kiskla has the ability to read into an inanimate object's past: psychometery
Weaknesses (social, racial, combat, etc.):
-Physically capableOften assumptive of her abilities: Although quick, her mind usually precedes her movement. In the planning of the next move, she often loses her place in the current situation.
-Excellent pilot Being told that she has a strength in the skies has caused a swollen head, therefore she presumes accomplishment before completed.
-Eloquent Her wit gets her in a lot of trouble. Picks fights with people twice the size of her.


Jedi Apprentice

Jedi Knight

Jedi Master

Neutral Powers

    [li]Enhance Ability [/li][li]Telepathy[/li] [li]Basic Telekinesis [/li]
      [li]Force Pull [/li] [li]Force Push [/li] [li]Force Throw [/li] [li]Telekinetic Strike [/li][/list] [li]Enhance Ability [/li]
        [li]Force Jump [/li] [li]Force Speed [/li][/list] [li]Force Persuasion[/li][li]Force Sense [/li]
          [li]Farsight [/li] [li]Force Empathy[/li][/list][/list]

          Lightside Powers

            [li]Healing (self)


Neutral Powers

    [li]Psychometry / Telemetry [/li] [li]Force sight [/li][li]Conceal Alignment[/li][li]Enhanced Telekinesis [/li][li]Mind Trick [/li][/list]


Personal Items: -Vambrace make of Phrik on her lower arms
                                   -Personal Clothing (here)
                                    -Double barreled blaster
                                     -Single barreled blaster
                                  -Blue lightsabers (Trained as a Jedi Guardian)




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Kiskla "Wildfire" Grayson
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