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Lotus Kerensky (WIP)
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Name: Lotus Kerensky
Age: 18
Place of Birth: unknown
Eye Color: Grey/Green
Hair Color: Red

Parts of Lotus's history are unknown, as she was relatively young when she was taken by the slavers.  Her earliest memories are from aboard a freighter with her mother and father.  Then they settled on Agamar.  Most of her early childhood was spent there, where they established a farm.  It was a quiet, peaceful life there.  They worked hard and didn't have a lot of surplus cash.  But they maintained enough to keep their freighter up and running, so they could run their own deliveries of grain once a year.  Her father did most of the repairs on the farming equipment.  He also spent a lot of time working on repairing a shiny, glowing square box.  On his hip he wore a weapon, a lightsaber.  Once or twice she remembered him being referred to as a 'Jedi' but she never really cared much about that when she was a little child.  He was daddy.

She was six when the whole family traveled to a nearby world to take their crop to market.  Enroute the ship was attacked by pirates, hoping there was valuable cargo.  Her father was killed in an explosion as he stood to fight off the boarders.  Both the young girl and the mother were stunned while they searched the ship.  However when the mother came around she tried to retake the ship and was killed in the process.  The red-haired child and the ship itself were the only ways they could turn a profit on this particular attack.  Fortunately they believed that the lightsaber was non-functional because of the hidden switch Lotus's father had installed in hopes to prevent her from activating it in her childhood, and they considered the holocron just an odd piece of junk.  Lotus managed to hide it away and take it with her... the only things she'd end up retaining of her parents.

A young, impressionable female redhead is something of a commodity.  Something of an investment one can trade.  And so she was shunted around for a while as something of a luxury commodity.  She never learned to read or write, but she was taught in all manner of how to serve her masters, and was harshly punished at the first sign of defiance.  All the while she was able to hide away her two treasures as she was shunted about through what can only be described as 'luck'.

Eventually she even braved enough to turn the device on while her master was sleeping.  And from it she began to learn.  She believed it was teaching her the ways of the Jedi, but because it was damaged it had a tendency to skip.  So the teachings didn't always make sense, and at times they were even directly contradictory to what the Jedi would actually teach.  But she did manage to learn to harness the Force abilities she inherited from her father.  As well as the resentment, fear, and anger that had taken root deep within her soul.

Eventually she was sold to Knucklebones who made his camp on Bastion.  She served him as his personal slave for about a year before the novelty wore off and he bet her to the local tavern owner on a hand of pazaak.  She's been there ever since.

blue bladed lightsaber, damaged holocron, small bag, folding combat knife


Force Powers:
Enhance Ability
- Force Speed
Force Sense
Torture by Chagrin
Force Rage
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Lotus Kerensky (WIP)
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