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Ronin Wendigo
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Ronin Wendigo

- Alias-
* Ninor 
* The Wendigo 
* Cer-bus 
* Bea-Wolf 
* Guardian of Cerberus 


Human / Kashi 

* 25

* 5'9" 


185 lbs.

* Medium Build 

* Eye Color : Dark Jade Green with a small dark brown blotch on his left eye iri 

* Hair Color : Dark Reddish Brown 

-Distinguishing marks- 


Right Arm




The Early years...

As a young boy, Ronin grew up never knowing anything about his family, past or even his name. For as best could recall, spent much of his early part of youth as an orphan. One of a handful of survivors rescued from a Slaver ring bust by the Republic. Found with neither any identification paper nor record in their database, he was eventually place in the orphanage. Until he either came of age or adopted into a new family. 

However, while there he had a rough time fitting in for it seem. He exhibited strange traits and behavior which none. Of the caseworkers, children or countless foster family could not tolerate nor understood. Which later on lead to disappointments and heart ache, as he is grew up. Which lead to him eventually run away on his own at age 12.

Life on the run...

Wandering the universe and vast territories. Doing odd job wherever he could work or stowing away in different crafts. In order support himself and elude the dangers of life out on his own . He either An old Smuggler Captain named Jarrod who despite everything treated him as if he was his own takes in whenever his special abilities were ever found out, going from one planet to another till, he got older and later. Until one day when he was 15 during a re supply stop in one of Corellian's ports. They were ambushed and they had to flee. 

Later captured they are huddled to a secret location where he finds out the truth about Jarrod. Whom it turns out to be was a Cor Sec Agent named Ronin Conner working on a special undercover assignment, With a Corellian Jedi named Kyle Kincade.

After which when he recovers is pull out of the assignment which is declared a failure and inconclusive. Jarrod is crippled by his injury, demoted to a desk job. His captors then see Ronin as a liability and with his rap sheet uncovered. Was slated to be shipped to maximum-security prison when Jarrod intervenes in his behalf with the help of a close friend. They are able to secure for him an optional sentence, a chance to choose where in he is offered a chance. To be take under Jarrod's friends guidance with the possibility of securing a pardon for his crimes. This after much thought he comes to decide to take and end up being released to Jedi Knight Kyle Kincade custody. 

A chance for a fresh start...

Then shipped to an undisclosed training facility where he spends the next 3 yrs. On the other hand, so. Where finally Kyle understands his unknown skills. Of that being to be that, he was Force Sensitive enough to be trained. However, due to his age and seem dark past he was not allow to be trained. By those in the Jedi temple where Kyle was, so instead he did his best to help him cope with his untapped gift as best he could. The Cor Sec then recruits graduating at the top of his class Ronin. As part of their undercover unit and starts his career. As a scout with them then working his way up to Agent status.

He then eventually earn when tragedy strikes Jarrod and Kyle dies in action during an assignment. Sometime during one of their mission on top of that. Ronin is caught in a controversial case, which gets him suspended. Alone and unsure of his future he resign his post and go into piracy, piloting his own ship and taking his chances in uncovering his own past, and maybe clearing his name... 


  • They are a mix of Terentaek , Akk dogs.and Tuk'ata . They be what Ronin plans be the first batch to be called as Stygian Hounds.

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Ronin Wendigo
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Ronin Wendigo
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