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Kairon Saneszh
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Name: Kairon Saneszh
Nickname(s): Shorty; Kai; really just about anything that anyone can come up with
Age: Twenty standard galactic years
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: Five feet, five and three-quarters inches
Weight: One hundred sixty-four and one-half pounds
Build: Kairon’s build is a slender, but well-defined one: that of a gymnast.
Eye Color: Kairon’s eyes are a rather deep blue, fairly expressive, and framed by moderately thick eyebrows.
Hairstyle/Color: Kairon’s hair is a dirty blond, kept moderately short and often spiked up in the front. He experiments with a beard more often than not, but lacks the patience to grow it beyond a small goatee.
Homeworld: Corellia

Possessions: Kairon keeps a lightsaber on his person at all times; it’s a relatively plain hilt, with a bronze blade. A tassel of sorts is often wrapped around the pommel, a bit of decoration for something not particularly showy. He also keeps a datapad; however many credits he can scrounge up; a liquid-cable launcher; and a glowrod on his person at almost all times. Kairon doesn't keep much, and he likes it that way.

Favored Attire:Kairon prefers two outfits, for the most part. One of these is a traditional set of light brown Jedi robes, complete with a rather heavy traveling cloak. The other has a more civilian look to it: a leatheris jacket worn over a hooded tunic, with rather nondescript pants and nerfhide leather workboots. With either outfit, he favors a pair of fingerless combat gloves regardless of situation, primarily to aid in gripping.

Skills and Proficiencies: Kairon can speak and comprehend Galactic Basic, and can curse in Huttese and Rodese. He additionally comprehends snatches of Droidspeak and Bocce, but speaks neither. Outside of linguistics, he possesses some skill with computers and lightsaber combat; he favors the Soresu style, and while not a master, Kairon is fairly skilled--for an apprentice. He likewise has an affinity for stealth, being as small and dexterous as he is. He’s not a particularly qualified pilot, however, outside of basic flight or transportation.

Force Powers and Abilities
Neutral Apprentice Powers
Basic Telekinesis
Subskills: Force Push; Telekinetic Strike
Force Persuasion
Force Sense
Light-Side Apprentice Powers
Control Pain

Background: WIP

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Kairon Saneszh
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