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Ashley Clark, Engineer
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Full Name: Ashley Nabradia Clark

Alias: Titan AC 

Avatar: Caim, Drakengard Game
Age: Adult
Height: 5 foot 10 inches 
Weight: 180 pounds
Eye Color: Green  
Hair Color: Brown 
Build: Laborer or Smither

Gender: Male
Species: Corellian 
Birthworld: Corellia
Legal Status: Single, Corellian 
Occupation: Systems and Ship Engineering 

Faction Affiliation: Alliance
Faction Rank: None
Force Rank: None

Known Languages:

Galactic Basic Standard 

Combat Skills: 

The Haymaker, Headbutt, Groin-kick, and Curbstomp

Improvisational Thinking and Application

Blaster Type Equipment 

General Appearance:

Strong Human Male with Long Brown Hair and rough laborers hands.  Usually in an environment suit with crematic plating for temperature resistance.  Otherwise an Alliance Uniform to match custom.


Access to Alliance Military and Engineering Equipment and Gear.  Likely to change based upon timeline, location, local customs, and plot.   


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Ashley Clark, Engineer
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