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Mira Cavataio
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;; The Frame ;;
Name: Mira Alexandria Cavataio
Known Alias: Mira Hi'jia
Specie: Force altered Being (second generation)
24/32 Human
2/32 Sith Pureblood
2/32 Sith Hybrid
1/32 Kiffar
1/32 Epicanthix
1/32 Morellian
1/32 Miralukan
Real age: Varies; 17-27
Apparent Age: Varies; early twenties
Rank: Dathomiri Spellhunter, Rogue Sith Apprentice
Profession: Undetermined
Faction: Undecided
Birth Planet: Dathomir
Clan: Morte Clan
Religion: Petra's Cult
Living Situation: Castello di Caos (Morte Clan mountain, Dathomir)
Citizenship: Dathomir, Ferro, Sognoterra
Loyalties: Cavataio Family, Starkiller Family, Morte Clan, Cosa Nostra
Notable Posessions: -
Right Hand:
Languages: Basic Galactic Standard, Bocce, Hapan Language, High Galactic, Paecean
Known skills: 
Wikipedia page: Here
Tracking thread and Powers list: Here

;; Facade ;;
Avatar: Madison Pettis | Leonor Varela
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.69 m)
Weight: 110 pounds (49 kg)
Measurements: 20-23-33 inches (50-58-83 cm)
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Complexion: Tanned

;; Blood Ties ;;
Mother: Lauda Cavataio
Father: Sanies Robur
Stepfather: Blade Peacecraft
Siblings: Mirus Cavataio (twin brother), Ancilla Cavataio (half-sister), Step brother Peacecraft (step-brother), Stepbrother Peacecraft (stepbrother)
Mate: None yet
Children: None yet
Grandparents: Petra Cavataio, Xander Starkiller
Cousins: Natalie deWinter, Morgan CavataioRaven Starkiller, Ciaran Starkiller, Zane Starkiller, Aeryn Giovanni, Jakatta Giovanni, Jamo Giovanni, Storm Cavataio-Giovanni, Meteora Cavataio, Summer Widd-Cavataio, Eri'Anya Starkiller, Dante Cavataio, Nico Cavataio, Dante deWinter, Connor Starkiller, Effera deWinter
Aunts: Serva Cavataio, Morgaine deWinter, Asteria deWinter, Cordelia deWinter, Nessarose deWinter, Evilina Cavataio, Precious Cavataio, Adariel Cavataio-Giovanni, Amazon Cavataio-Giovanni, Fabula Cavataio, Kristin Cavataio, 
Uncles: Antonio Cavataio, Nox Deus Cavataio, Jason Starkiller, Coren Starkiller, Michelangelo Cavataio, Alistair Starkiller, Mephisto Giovanni, Veritas Cavataio

Masters: Lauda Cavataio, Sanies Robur

;; Full Disclosure ;;
Read it here.
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Mira Cavataio
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