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William Adama
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General Information

Name: William Adama
Class: Non Force User
Rank: Admiral
Call Sign: Husker
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 55

Physical Appearance
Height: 6ft
Weight: 85kgs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Greying Black
Physique/Build/Frame: Fit for his age but a bit round around the middle
Skin Tone: Tanned
Distinguishing Marks: Scars on right hand

Personality and Traits

General Overview:

William Adama could best be described as a soldier who has vast experience given his years in the service and the lessons he learnt both at the Imperial Naval College of Coroscant as well as in the field. He is a quiet man, not one given to rants or explosive rages though he has had them in the past. He tends to be seen mostly as a teacher, quietly passing on those lessons he paid for with blood and sacrifice to the next generation of officers and men so that they might not have to pay as high a price as he did. Often refered to as the "Old Man", Adama has the ability to walk past people and greeting them by name, asking how they and their families are as he actually takes an interest in his crew but most of all he promotes the idea that the crew is family and the family takes care of its own

Traits: Wears glasses to read, Likes to read books about ancient military history

Strengths & Weaknesses


Adama's primary strengths come from his experience in the field, as a military commander Adama is one of the most respected in the Imperial Fleet even after his defection from the Navy, it was a testiment to his character that his entire crew rebelled with him. He is tactically savvy and creative, he is not hide bound by tactics and is able to look at situations Hollistically as well as intrinsically.

He also has learned about people and how to command as he would be commanded, with respect and tolerance. He learns the names of his crew and treats everyone respectfully even when chewing them out, this alone has created an aura of profound respect around the Old Man and you can see it when the crew hush as he passes. He knows people and he knows how to get the very best out of them which is what makes the Galactica one of the best ships in the fleet.


Adama can be at times entirely too loyal and his absolute refusal to leave anyone behind has at times placed his ship at risk as he has stayed to the last possible moment to get his fighters in before making the jump to light speed. He also has a temper though he has learned how to deal with it but he was known as a hot head when he was still a fighter pilot.

He also drinks though usually in company and has been known to over imbibe from time to time though this has not been as big of a problem as it used to be. He also needs glasses more now and is starting to feel the affects of his work in his joints though the Doc has that under control for now


Adama wishes for nothing more than a secure universe and to regain command of the fleet that he lost when he left the Imperial Navy

Hobbies & Interests

Adama loves to read and is often in his study where he would be found in a fine, plush chair with a bottle of scotch or fine wine indulging this habit. He is also fond of walking the ship feeling that being trapped in C&C removes a commander from his crew and so will often stroll around the ship chatting with the crew as he does.


Galatic Standard, Corillian,

History (Partial, still to be completed)

It would be day that Adama would forever remember when he defected from the Imperial Navy. It had begun much like any other mission to deal with the Rebels, they had discovered a planetary system that was suspected to be providing supplies to them and so they had instituted a blockade of the system using the fleet and was now in the process of searching the planet as well as incoming and outgoing ships for contriband or rebels.

The mission had entered its second month and command was getting frustrated as they were not finding the evidence they needed to continue the blockade but they were certain of the Intelligence they had recieved but that was nothing compared to the frustrations of the people in this system who were protesting what was to them an illegal act by the Empire not that they had much say in matter.

Ships were trying to run the blockade, some out of commerical interest because of the delays they would experience, some because they were trying to avoid the inspections but others were drawn out of sheer desperation as the blockade had started blocking incoming food shipments to try and starve out the population into giving them what they wanted. The entire process was sickening to him but he had his orders and as much as his conscience bothered him he would stick to his oath that he had sworn when he had graduated the Naval College on Coroscant.

One of his fighter wings reported that there was a transport trying to get clear of the blockade, Adama ordered them to intercept the transport and the Galactica would be there shortly. They arrived on station and Adama opened communications with the freighter Captain, it was clear from the start that this was not a military vessel and according to the Captain he was carrying women and children out from the blockade to get medical treatement, they were the sick and infirm, over 2000 civilians packed in like cattled. Adama ordered his fighters to board the ship and confirm that was the case and his top pilot Starbuck under took the mission, 20 minutes later she confirmed that this was the case though she recommended searching the ship from stem to stern before allowing her to leave. Adama put a line into command and asked for permission to let the ship go, the order he recieved shocked him.

"We need to make an example to those stubborn asses down there to get them to co-operate Adama. This operation is already taking too long and we need to wrap it up, you are ordered to destroy the ship and return to your previous patrol route."

"Sir if I may, that is a civilian ship with minimal defensive capability, I can have a marine team on there in 10 minutes, search the ship and then if she is clean have her gone within the hour. All I am asking for Sir is a little more time."

"Admiral Adama, we have to take a firm line against these people, they are supporting the Rebellion and have to be shown that no mercy will be shown to those that harbour our enemies. Carry out your orders Admiral

This was the time where Adama had to make a decision, where a man has to look at himself and decide if he is a man of good conscience who is able to look at a situation and decide for himself what is right or wrong, or is he a good soldier and does as he is told regardless of the morale implications. The entire command staff had heard the conversation and everyone was silent as the old man looked around as if he was wrestling with himself and so they could only wait as the Admiral came to a decision.

"Get me Starbuck on the horn."

"Aye Sir, she's on Admiral"


"Yes Sir"

"What do you hear?"

"Nothing but the rain Sir."

"Then grab your gun and bring in the cat."

"Aye Sir"

"Get those people clear Starbuck, the Galactica will cover you."


"You heard me Starbuck, get it done"

"Aye Sir"

Adama closed the com channel and closed his eyes, now he had done it and he was in for the long haul, he looked around at the people around him and sighed softly before he addressed them, he nodded at the XO who put him on ship wide broadcast.

"Your on Admiral"

"This is the Admiral, I am about to commit us to a course of action that will take us far from home, we may not be able to return for a long time but I cannot in good conscience destroy a helpless civilan ship. By doing this we will be branded as traitors and we will never again be able to return back to the fleet, if there is anyone who wishes to protest this action, inform your superior officer, there will be a transport waiting in the hanger that will leave in 10 minutes.

I will not blame anyone who wishes to go, I cannot make this decision for all of us, only myself but it is the only decision that I can make and still be able to look at myself in the mirror. I wish all of you to make the choice that is best for yourself as that is the only thing I can do for me, it has been an honor serving with all of you. Adama out"

Adama left CnC and made his way down to the hanger deck to see how many he would lose, it was not a pleasent wait but it was one he had to do, he had to see what it was that this crew was made up of and the character that he had developed during his command. It made him smile when the transport he had ordered up had to be stood down as not one of his crew decided to leave. Returning to the CnC, the Admiral put his orders into affect and escorted the Transport out of range so they could make the jump to light speed. Command ordered him to carry out his mission, he refused, they told him he would be considered a traitor and stripped of his command and still he refused it was when they called him a coward that he responded to them finally

"This is the Admiral, a coward is a man who orders someone else to do something he was not willing to do himself. The Galactica is joining the Alliance, god damn you for forcing us to do so."

And so there it was, he had made the decision and closed the door behind him. The Galactica had to fight to get clear of the fleet but they managed the jump to light speed and ever since has been on the run from the Imperial Navy, his standing as reputation added much to the luster of the Alliance and won over many who were still sitting on the fence, that was what made Adama such a danger to the Empire, his ability to inspire and his reputation would only bring more over to the side of the Rebels and he became their most wanted man, something that he would always remember and use to keep himself careful in his planning and encounters.

Statistics for the Galactica


1,137 meters


548 meters


268 meters

Maximum acceleration

3,000 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

975 km/h

Engine unit(s)
  • Primary drive engines (4 aft-mounted; 2 port, 2 starboard)
  • Secondary drive engines (2 aft-mounted; 1 port, 1 starboard)
  • Tertiary drive engines (2 aft-mounted; 1 port, 1 starboard)
Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 0.75
  • Backup: Class 15
Hyperdrive range

60,000 light-years (effective)

Power output

Peak: 3,6 × 1024 W

Power plant

Hypermatter annihilation reactor


Equipped (roughly equivalent to that of a Victory I-class Star Destroyer)

Navigation system

Navigation computer equipped

  • DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets (8)
  • Medium dual turbolaser cannons (2)
  • Turbolaser cannons
  • Point-defense laser cannons (52)
  • Tractor beam projectors (6)
  • Heavy proton torpedo tubes (4)[/sup]
    • 16 torpedoes each

  • Incom T-65 X-Wing(192)
  • RZ-1 A-wing interceptor (36+)
  • Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptors (192)[1][/sup]
  • LAAT/i gunships (40)
  • T4-B heavy tank(24)

  • Various shuttles
  • Prefabricated garrison base (1)



2,000 troops

Cargo capacity

20,000 tons


2 years

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William Adama
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