Author Topic: Have you completed the requirements for a rank up?  (Read 551 times)

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Hello rogues

If you have completed the requirements to move up from Apprentice/Trainee to Knight/Adept, or from Knight/Adept to Master/Elite as per the IC Promotion Guidelines, please send me a yuku PM and fill the following out:

Character Name:
Advancing From:
Advancing to:
Link to previous promotion thread (if applicable):
Link to threads you wish to use for promotion:

Please mention what you are; lightsider, darksider, NFU, etc.
Previous promotion thread refers to those moving from Knight/Adept to Master/Elite.

For any questions or help, you can PM me, talk to me on AIM (sherydewinter) or on skype (shery_dewinter), or just reply to this thread!

Happy RP'ing
~ Shery

Note: Just because you have the requirements, it doesn't mean you're obligated to rank up ASAP. Many people prefer to wait out at their lower rank for a while for story purposes, and this is encouraged
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