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Bergen Family Tree
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The Bergen family has a very long tradition on Tatooine where you could probably find it up by eight generations. Aurelius is currently the oldest living member of the Bergen family. He's been married to his wife Tyra for thirty years. They have three children, Antuan, Kyra and Leigh. Aurelius is a retired politician, formerly Senator of Tatooine. The family is generally devoted to politics and as such educates their children. The interesting thing about this generation is that Tyra comes from a force sensitive family and this is transferred to Leigh and her children.

OOC HISTORY: Leigh Christman was created in 2005, along with her husband Michael and their four children, Kayla, Anakin, Annika and Mimi. The All of them were originally played by myself. On the second version of Blades Edge, since the characters pretty much followed it, Michael was given to another writer who did an incredibly good job and who came with Leigh to yuku, unfortunately I believe he won't be returning to the game so I've decided to make him MIA. That pretty much the one person of the second generation (the parents were always intended to be NPC) that cannot be taken under any condition. Everyone else on the tree, minus Leigh and Antuan, is free to be taken and new writers with their own ideas for characters will be. This could also mean that Leigh and Michael could have more children or with others (but lets try to work on the fathers first).

The children of the second generation.

1. Leigh's children - This list currently has four members. Kayla, Anakin, Annika and Mimi. They're still unclaimed. If someoen would like to take one of them and maybe even change their names, it's an option as well.
2. Antuan's children - Antuan currently has no children, well as far as it's know. He has a wife back on Tatooine (Zhanna is currently up for adoption), but he does tend to cheat around so that way, it could completely be an open reign on having children running around fathered by Antuan.
3. Kyra's children - Kyra is married and doesn't have children yet. She hasn't been claimed yet I was thinking leaving this to the writer when she is taken but it's open reign for the time being.

The family tree can be found Bergen family tree

To join the family:

To join the family, you can either contact me on AIM - missbuffybot or MSN - , or PM on this account. You can also check out The Bergen Family board and talk to me there with any ideas you have. 
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Bergen Family Tree
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Added to the bio index!