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Nathan Garrett - Security/Tech Specialist
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Full Name: Nathan Samuel Garrett
Alias: "N", Nate, Thane Vakarian, Garrus Krios, Mr. Riker
Avatar: Jackson Rathbone
Age: 27
Eye Color: Hazel Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175lbs.
Build: Thin, toned but lanky
Other: Suffers from mild Drug Addiction

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthworld: Bastion
Legal Status: Single; Citizen of Bastion
Living Situation: Unknown
Occupation: Slicer

Affiliation: The Galactic Empire
Military/Government Rank: Junior Agent of Imperial Intelligence
Force Rank: ApprenticeForce Alignment: Neutral

Feats and Talents
Personal Skills:
  • Advanced System Slicer Training
  • Computer Program Training
  • Firearms Training
  • Force Sensitive
  • Genius Intelligence
  • Incredible Inner Focus
  • Minimal Force Training (He isn't in full control of his powers and most happen on instinct)
  • Prodigal information retention ability
Known Languages:
  • Binary (Understands)
  • Bocce
  • Galactic Basic Standard
  • Huttese
Lightsaber Skills
Single Blade Combat:
  • None
Other Combat Skills 
Martial Arts:
  • Tae-Jitsu  -  Adept
Ranged Combat Skills
  • Blaster Pistols - Adept
  • Grenades (Variety) - Adept
  • IED (Improved Explosive Device) - Adept
  • Slugthrowers - Adept
Force PowersApprentice Rank Abilities:
 - Neutral Powers:
  • Force Sense - (Force Comprehension)
  • Psychometry/Telemetry
 - Light Side Powers:
 - Dark Side Powers:

Knight Ranked Abilities:
 - Neutral Powers:
  • Enhanced Force Sense - (Battle Precognition) 
 - Light Side Powers:
 - Dark Side Powers:

Master Ranked Abilities:
 - Neutral Powers:
 - Light Side Powers:
 - Dark Side Powers:

General Appearance:
Garrett was born in a broken home and his background is apparent in his appearance. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall, he has blue eyes, a thick, brown hair and sports a youthful yet sometimes tired appearance. He has an thin frame and is usually seen in casual clothing, t-shirts, leather jackets, blue jeans and sneakers. He is a good looking young man but he looks like he doesn't take the best of care of himself.

Garrett was left mostly to raise himself and true to his upbringing he became a drug using, amoral party boy.  Due to his long time friend Derek, Garrett has yet to end up killing himself and has found something of an anchor in his friend. He is loyal to his friend and other people he believes he can trust but that number is not very high. When free to his own devices Nathan tend to slip back into old habits. He is a very intelligent young man that did remarkably well in any computer science class he ever took but largely shows to squander his talents but under pressure he remains one of the more brilliant tech experts in the field.

Sidearm Blaster Pistol
Extensive WardrobeModifed Adjudicator SlugthrowerModified Bryar Pistol
Personal Speeder bike
Various other personal effects
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Nathan Garrett - Security/Tech Specialist
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Sorry for the late response, I added you to the great index the other day but apparently the reply to the bio itself glitched >.>

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