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Gilad Mynar Devis
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Basic Information

Name: Gilad Mynar Devis
Race: Human
Birthday & Age:  29th day of the 9th month/ age  25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 190lbs
Profession: Imperial Navy
Affiliation:  Empire in Exhile
Rank: Crewmember

Personality and traits
Gilad Devis is a military man to the bone, dedicated to the navy as an institution and to the Emperor as rightful lord of the galaxy. He spent nearly half his entire life in naval service, from entering the imperial naval academy at age sixteen to the present. Devis regarded the fleet as the closest thing he had to family, for his father was lost at space to mutiny and his mother shipped him out at a young age to the navy to follow in the footsteps of his father, his grand father (Mynar Devis) and his great grandfather (Gilad Pellaeon). Home for Gilad Devis is in service to the navy and to the empire. Hes dedicated his life to the military, believing in its values of discipline, order, efficiency, and absolute obedience to authority with respected to the military and the Empire as a prestigious and honourable institution. Gilad is a meticulous and efficient commander and expects the very best of his subordinates. Despite his discipline, however, he has a fondness for the female's of most races which resulted in his being something of a womanizer and has never settled down with any one woman......... yet.

Character History

Gilad Mynar Devis  was born on 29th day in the 9th month on Bastion, being the only child that he knows of. Devis attended Grammar School then to the naval academy where he learned naval tactics and theory.  (more to be added once I get more of a feel for him and create actual history on this board). 

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Gilad Mynar Devis
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