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Jay Pratt
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Name: Jay Pratt
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 6'
Weight: 183lbs
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: brown
Skin Colour: light tan

Current Rank: Padawan
Affiliation: Jedi
Home World: Coruscant


Jay is one of those sweet kids who puts on a tough front to not get picked on by the other boys. When his peers are no longer around, he turns into quite the geeky little book worm who just loves to learn. Due to his connection with his brother he relies heavily on Jay for everything, despite being the older one. After his fathers death and the system wanting to separate him from Robin, Jay has had a hard time trusting other people. While he will gladly get along with others in the order, he prefers the company and companionship of his brother. However, despite his aversions he has made some friends that he can hang out with.

When separated from his brother for long periods of time or large distances he begins to worry. As the bond they share through the force begins to weaken Jay begins to shut down. With the fading of the feeling of his brothers life force he begins to panic. Shortly after he withdraws into himself and cloisters himself off from those near him, focusing only on survival and returning to his brothers side. When near water deeper than his chest or too mucky to see through he also begins to panic. Being forced into such water leads to an actual panic attack.


Seven months after Robin and Jay were born their mother up and left them with their father. No one has seen or heard from her since then. Their father did his best to raise them on his own, but a great deal of the time the boys were left in the hands of nannies or day care centers as he worked. They rarely got to see him but when they did it was a wonderful reunion. Sadly, life is not always sugar and butterflies.

Several months after their eight birthday they received the news that their father's ship was "lost". They didn't know what this meant and still do not know to this day what it means. Their nannies continued to care for them for several months through their father's account, but once the funds were run out and hope of their father's return was diminished they were finally put forward for foster care and adoption. They bounced from foster home to foster home for a few months before they were given further crushing news. The people in charge wanted to separate the boys.

Robin and Jay had always been close to each other and refused to be separated. During their last night in their foster care on Coruscant they packed their few belongings and ran away. They snuck aboard a transport heading to the under city. The boys probably would not have survived on their own without the aid of some other street children to teach them the ropes. Jay had always been the bigger of the two boys and a little more stalky than his twin. Whenever someone picked on Robin, it was Jay who defended him. As they grew up, it was always Jay dishing out blows for his brother and the rest of the scrawnier kids. Robin on the other hand, was one of the scrawnier of the bunch and was very good at fitting in tight spots. He also had a tenancy to be a little trash digger and read whatever discarded things he could find.

For the next few years the boys focused on surviving and staying together. Often this meant that Jay was taking care of Robin who had a lower immune system and came down sick every once in a while. During one of Robin's more unhealthy periods, Jay resorted to mugging to acquire the funds for the medicine that his brother needed. Sadly, Jay picked the wrong target. The cloaked stranger he meant to steal from turned out to be a Jedi. The old knight was kind to the boys though and stepped in to guide them on a more proper path, leading to the twin's to become initiates under the order. The two boys received different teachers, but are kept together for their own sake.

Alter Elements (Alter Environment) I 
Description:  Involves basic techniques, which enable a Force user to manipulate nature and other natural weather phenomena. (only one element at a time)
Water/ice: Summon Water. Mist, Light Rainfall Fog, Freezing Touch, Crystallize

Basic Healing (Self)
Description: A basic healing ability that allows one to heal themselves from injures such as mending bones and flesh as well as treating internal injuries.

Basic Telekinesis
Included Subskills: Force Pull, Force Push, Force Throw
Description:  Ability to lift small objects (no greater than half of the carrying capacity of the user) and move them, hovering the item in any direction.  This ability also includes the ability to apply telekinetic energy in bursts to “push” and “pull” objects such as levers.

Breath Control
Prerequisites: Enhance Ability
Description: Ability that allows the user to sustain themselves in conditions where normal breathing is impossible with just trace amounts of air in their lungs.

Enhance Ability
Description: Basic ability of a Force user to increase their strength, dexterity, vitality, stamina, and speed through control and manipulation of the Force

Force Speed
Prerequisites: Enhance Ability
Description: Core Force power that allowed the user to maintain sprinting speeds for a brief time, or to run for extended distances, with no visible signs of fatigue.
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Jay Pratt
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