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Shyon Thul
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Name: Shyon Thul
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak

Height: 6'0''
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Colour: N/A
Eye Colour:  Dark Green
Build:  Athletic
Markings: Facial tattoos, horns
Current Rank: Trooper
Affiliation:  The Alliance
Home World: Iridonia

History: Born on the Zabrak home world of Iridonia Shyon became an orphan not long after. The earliest years of his life were ones of struggle and remorse as he eked out an existence on the inhospitable planet. When he turned nine he fled the orphanage that raised him and headed to the city of Wortan.

Once there it didn’t take long for his natural feistiness and willingness to do anything to survive earned him a spot as a runner for a local swoop gang. The gang became his family, the one he never had, and controlled every aspect of his life. For several years being a criminal was all he knew.

After ten years even Shyon would fall prey to the law. The court system, as pitiful as it was, had more than enough evidence to link him to crimes ranging from armed robbery to grand theft auto which didn’t leave him many options. Either he could serve his sentence in a maximum security prison, or he could serve for a set time in the military; he chose the military.

The next four years would pass in a blur as he moved from hot zone to hot zone. With a gift for combat and an almost unnatural knack for survival he thrived in The Alliance military even while turning down promotions. As much as he was willing to help his fellow soldiers he never had the urge to lead them. His talents lay in survival and that was his focus. Even after his four years was up he chose to stay in the military and serve the Alliance the only way he knew how.
Force Powers: Force Sense
Enhance Abilities
Force Comprehension

Republic Vanguard Trooper Armor
Assorted military issue equipment and weapons

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Shyon Thul
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