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Calina Waya
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Calina Lillian-Marie Waya

cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares

someone to love with their life in my hands

basic information

name: Calina Lillian-Marie Waya.
nicknames: Cali, Wolf, Lili (pronounced like Lily the flower)
birthday and age: March 31st, 38 years old
hometown: Current: Lake Country of Naboo, Birthplace: Theed, Naboo
sexual orientation: Bi

hair: Naturally: Dark Brunette, Dyed: Golden Blonde, Range: Shoulder, longer to short length, ranges from straight to curls
eyes: Honey Brown
build: 190, 5'7", Athletic (Swimmer/ Runner build)
they say i look like: play by Charlize Theron

nobody wants to go it on their own

and everyone wants to know they’re not alone

the family you left at home

parents: Both her parents are dead, and she rarely talks about them anymore as it makes her cry.
siblings: None
pets: once owned a Tusk-Cat named Fearless
other family members: Recently a son name Mathius Waya
significant others: They are the past
personal history:

(To be revealed through Rp)

tonight out on the street in the moonlight

and damnit this feels so right it’s like deja vu

the personality

random talents:
my friends would describe me as:
my friends are probably worried about me sometimes because: 
people always come to me: when they want a smuggling job done, or want to purchase some of the Waya Wine products or stock.
a song to describe me would be:

someone to love with my life in their hands

there’s gotta be somebody for me

the one running the show

name: Chris
age: 27
gender: Female
other characters: Currently only Callista ThaneWulf (Than'Uulf)
how’d you find us: Through a friend
contact: PM through Yuku unless I give you my messengers info and that's rare.

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Calina Waya
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