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Leigh Christman
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General Information
Name: Leigh Aurelia Christman
Maiden name: Bergen
Birth planet: Tatooine
Faction: The Jedi Order
Force Rank: Jedi Knight
Role: Jedi Counselor
Gender: Female
Age: 25 - 35

Physical Appearance

Avatar: Thora Birch | Sarah Michelle Gellar | Julie Benz
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 111 lbs
Eye Color: Silver/Brown
Hair Color: Blond
Body Shape: Slightly curved
Skin Tone: Light
Distinguishing Marks:  Soft hair shade changes from time to time.

(Made by Michael Christman)
Mother: Tyra Bergen neƩ Colliod
Father: Aurelius Bergen
Husband: Michael Christman
Siblings: Antuan Bergen, Tyra Tavrius
Children: Kayla Christman, Anakin Christman, Annika Christman, Mimi Christman
Other family:
In-laws: Zhanna Bergen (d.), Callius Tavrius, Kale Christman, Julia Defargo, Romulus Christman

Masters: Demetri Dahmin, Saejra Maer'Cyn, Adrianna Fiore
Apprentices: Kayla Christman, Annika Christman

(Made by Shery deWinter)
For for of Leigh's history, read her wikipedia page.
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Leigh Christman
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