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Kalmiya Sachae, Anna's Yang
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Full Name: Kalmiya Ursula Sachae

Age: 25 (compared to Anna's 19)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthworld: Kuat, though only nominally
Homeworld(s): Mobile. She goes where the credits are.

Legal Status: Wanted in at least seventeen systems, unwanted in most of the rest.
Relationship Status: Single
Living Situation: Spacer, occasionally rents apartments.
Occupation: Bounty hunter/mercenary

Affiliation: The highest bidder

Personality: Kalmiya is the yang to Anna's yin. She's loud, self-centered, irreverent, and violent. She has more direct combat training but less discipline and drills, not to mention a helluvalot more will to use that training to end other people's lives. When she's not hitting, shooting, or fucking someone, Kalmiya tends to be lauging at them or drinking with them. She gives not a shit about anyone but herself (or at least that's the air she puts on) and gladly explains this to anyone who needs convincing. Of course, she takes pleasure in showing those who get on her bad side the error of their ways.

Kalmiya has soft spots, of course. They're just hard to find. She loves children - anyone who intentionally hurts a kid within her line of sight generally gets a Keldabe handshake for his trouble. She's also got a thing for animals, specifically dogs. You'd be hard-pressed to admit it, but Kalmiya loves her family deeply and would go out of her way to help them if she caught wind that they needed it...which is pretty much exactly what she's doing with Anna.

Life as a slave, the cumbucket for a mercenary group, and eventually a cantina sexpot has given her a very casual outlook to sex. She keeps it safe when possible and with as much variety as she can manage - men, women, humans, twi'leks, anything else vaguely humanoid, and at least one trandoshan. The sex, however, is a mask for her deep intimacy issues. Anyone who tries to ask her about her life will find this out very quickly.

Hobbies: Drinking, swearing, drinking while swearing, and wild raunchy physics-defying sex while drinking, swearing, or both. Kalmiya is an avid holovid geek and makes vid references just about as often as she wakes up in a stranger's bed covered in unidentifyable liquids and wearing a cheerleader's skirt and handcuffs (surprisingly frequently).

Physical Stats
Lady (Devil May Cry)
Theme Song: "Going Under" by Evanescence
Motto: "I figure every time someone dies and it's not me, my chances of survival go up."
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 146 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Reddish-brown / Green
Other: Bar code tattoo numbered "37G-1A-928R" on the back of her neck, near the base of her spine. Heterochromic eyes. Thin scar across her nose.

General Appearance: Average height, healthy weight. Subtly muscled, with a proper curves in the right places. Kalmiya has a large wardrobe, but she likes white clothes and tight shorts...which incidentally show off her best feature every time she walks. Most of her boots are calf- to knee-length, making it easy to hide a large combat knife in one of them. Kalmiya is normally armed with at least one, usually two blasters, and favors a custom rocket launcher when on an obviously dangerous mission. Pictured here.

Abilities: Since pretty much forever, Kalmiya's been a fighter. Life in the more violent side of the galaxy has honed her instincts and natural inclination for inflicting pain on others into a formidable weapon. Her upbringing on KDY and the mechanical tendancies her family encouraged in her, and coupled with the amazing reflexes afforded by her Sachae "quirk" she can pretty much fly anything she can fix...and vice versa.

- Combat Training:
From the time she knew what making a fist meant, Kalmiya has enjoyed hitting people. She's sharpened that talent in countless cantinas across the galaxy, and added to it genuine training (though not military-level) in Teräs Käsi and commando knife-fighting. However, her strength is overwhelmingly with firearms. Give Kalmiya something that shoots - be it rifle or pistol, blaster or slughthrower - and she can clip the spoon out of a man's hand at fifty yards. She's also got quite a bit of experience with heavy weapons, and enjoys the weight of such guns.
- Piloting & Mechanics: Just out of slavery, Kal didn't know the port side of a ship from the docking bay. However, time with several different merc crews taught her much about spacing, and eventually she picked up on piloting the ships she was well as speeder bikes, mostly for the adrenaline. Her upbringing at the Kuat Drive Yards has provided her with a strong foundation in mechanical repair and maintainence, and she makes use of it regularly.
- Force-Sensitivity: Like all Sachaes, Kalmiya is highly Force-sensitive, and like all Sachaes, it manifests in an odd way. Apart from the normal weird insight and supreme luck a Force-sensitive gets, Kalmiy has a weird quirk that allows her to tap into a limited, very focused version of what Jedi term "Force Speed". When in a stressful situation, the world around Kalmiya seems to slow down, allowing her to react quickly and precisely in even the most adverse circumstances. These heightened reflexes and perception have saved her life more times than she can count, so naturally she has never mentioned it to anyone.

Complete History: Kalmiya was born to Garen and Marilin Sachae, their first daughter and biggest disappointment. At five years old, her younger sister Anna was born, and her life got much more frustrating. While Kal had taken to machines just like her father, Anna was a natural with them. While Kal frequently disagreed with her mother, Anna was a perfect angel, loved by both parents. After a while, Kal stopped existing until her parents needed a "bottom line" to compare their beloved Anna to.

Kal couldn't take it. At sixteen, she stowed away on the first outbound transport she could find to find a life, absolutely convinced that any life was better than the one she had. She was immediately proven wrong, of course. When you stow away on a spice smuggler's ship, the best you can hope for is a quick jaunt out the airlock or a less-than-brutal future as a slave. Kalmiya got the second.

Her period of "indentured servitude" lasted all of three years, but rewarded her with two things; a barcode tattoo that she has chosen to never remove, and a mean right hook. It also gave her a rundown of the many different ways that sex could be amazingly fun or terrifyingly cruel, but it was the ability to fend for herself that would prove itself the most useful aspect of her life. As soon as she essentially fucked her way out of her own slavery, she signed on with the nearest merc group she could find as a "honey trap", and used every cent she earned to pay for blaster and self-defense lessons.

That is, the ones she wasn't blowing at the bar, getting herself drunk enough that she couldn't remember what she slept with the night before.

Several years later, she had earned just enough cash to buy her own ship and keep afloat afterwards. A few more jobs and she could retire and wander the galaxy. Or maybe find someplace with pretty people to settle down on, like Zeltros or Ryloth. Kalmiya saw the extranet coverage of her baby sister's trial. Anna provoked feelings of immediate resentment ("she did what when she's not even old enough to drink?!") and protectiveness ("oh, like hell they're gonna do that to my sister!") in Kal's liquored mind, and ultimately got her off her ass and back on the job. She needed to gather some information and find her sister. What she'd do then...well, she'd figure it out when she got there.

This profile will be updated periodically as I finish threads and fine-tune some of the individual points. These updates will occur without rhyme or reason. Consider yourself warned.
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Kalmiya Sachae, Anna's Yang
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