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Anya Shadowmoon
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Basic Info
Birth Name:  Anya ShadowmoonAlias:  MoonshadowAge:  18Gender:  Female Birthworld:  FelacatHomeworlds:  Coruscant, Felacat, Nar ShaddaaRace:  Felacatian
Legal Status:  Coruscant resident, Nar Shaddaa citizenRelationship Status:  SingleOccupation:  Mercenary / Bodyguard

Affiliation:  Factionless; Bounty Hunter Guild - House RenlissRank:  Force Practitioner Apprentice

Personal Skills:  Anya can speak and understand Basic, and is a moderately-skilled practitioner of K'thri.  She is a fair shot with a blaster (novice marksman) and not bad with a blade, either (moderately-skilled knife-fighter), but her knowledge of unarmed combat outweighs her other skills.
Personality:  Anya has an independent streak a kilometer wide; she never accepts handouts when she can make her own way on her own terms, with her own skills.  She always manages to land on her feet and stay remarkably balanced when faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge.  At the same time, however, she has a sense of curiosity and an exploratory nature that has, over time, evolved into a constant state of wanderlust - leading her to always move onward, towards the next challenge, the next horizon, in any direction it may take her.  The only ties she has are those with the people she befriends along the way, and she is an extremely hot-blooded young woman - if those she considers friends are threatened, she will push herself to the point of breaking to defend them.  On the other hand . . . she is a young woman, subject to all the emotional turbulence and physical desires that afflict most teenagers - but because she is a feline humanoid, her desires tend to strike with a vengeance.
Force Abilities Known:Neutral Apprentice -
Enhance Ability
Magnify Senses
Force Abilities Desired:Neutral Apprentice -Basic TelekinesisFarsightForce Sense
Neutral Knight -Battle Precognition Enhanced Force SenseEnhanced TelekinesisForce AdhereForce Sight
Neutral Master -Mastered Telekinesis

Known Physical Characteristics:Avatar:  Ashley GreeneHeight:  5'9"Weight:  140 lbs.Hair Color:  Black / Dark BrownEye Color:  DarkFur Color:  N/A (Anya had all her fur genetically altered to match her skin color, rendering it effectively invisible unless seen in the right light)Other:  House Renliss tattoo on her chest and abdomen, reaching from the base of her throat to her navel.
Known Possessions:  Personal clothing; a blank tank-top, a black leather jacket, custom-made black leather pants, and a pair of calf-length nerf-hide leather boots reinforced with strategically-placed beskar plating, and one each of the following: a T-6 heavy blaster pistol and a vibro-knife, both strapped to her thighs.
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Anya Shadowmoon
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