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Xiamara Arkelion
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Basic Info
Birth Name:  Xiamara ArkelionAlias:  XiamaraAge:  18Gender:  Female Birthworld:  KaminoHomeworld:  NabooRacial Heritages:  Garhoon / Human (Genetically altered)
Legal Status:  Naboo citizenRelationship Status:  SingleOccupation:  N/A
Family:Father:  N/AMother:  Sara Arkelion
Affiliation:  Factionless, currentlyRank:  Force Practitioner Apprentice
Personal Skills:  Xiamara can speak and understand Basic and Mandalorian, and is a novice practitioner of Teräs Käsi.
Personality:  Xiamara is extremely energetic, and often appears to move so fast that she seems to be in two places at once.  Because of this, she has been referred to as the "Evanescent One," by the few people who actually know her personally, and know of her tendency to vanish unintentionally while in plain sight now and then.  As well, she has a fondness for all the luxuries that life has to offer . . . a fondness that is not limited to the acquisition of material wealth.
Force Abilities Known:Neutral Apprentice -Basic TelekinesisTelekinetic StrikeEnhance AbilityForce Sense
Force Abilities Desired:Neutral Apprentice -Magnify Senses Telepathy
Neutral Knight -Basic Technopathy Enhanced TelekinesisEnhanced Force SenseForce Adhere
Neutral Master -Art of the Small Force Cloak Mastered TelekinesisMastered TechnopathyShatterpoint
Known Physical Characteristics:Avatar:  Michelle TrachtenbergHeight:  5'4"Weight:  116 lbs.Hair Color:  BlondEye Color:  Pale Blue
Known Possessions:  Personal clothing, three separate body gloves, a single Svelte-class shuttle, a Thermoskin, three pairs of Alliance cold weather gloves, three sets of Alliance cold weather headgear, three leather utility belts, three pairs of boots made of leather with nerf-wool inside, and a double-bladed stun baton.
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Xiamara Arkelion
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