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(Bio) Minerva Decuir
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Minerva Decuir

Age: 16

Gender: Human

Birth World: Dathomir

Rank: Apprentice

Mother: Dharma Decuir

Mother: Alyisa Decuir

Additional family :

Grandmother:   Santeria Decuir -   Mommy Dharma’s mommy

Grandfather:     Azerath Taikar- Mommy Dharma’s daddy

Great Uncle:   Abaddon Decuir – Grandma Santeria’s twin

Great Uncle:   Ba’al Decuir – Grandma Santeria’s brother

Great Aunty: Nevaeh Decuir – Grandma Santeria’s sister

Great Uncle: Christain Decuir – Grandma Santeria’s brother

Uncle: Max Lee - Grandma Santeria's son (creation)

Krishna Decuir   - Mommy Dharma’s twin

Uncle: Angelus Decuir – Grandma Santeria son (dead)

Aunty: Nympahora Decuir – Grandma Santeria’s daughter

Uncle: Isaac Decuir – Grandma Santeria’s son

Aunty: Invidia Decuir – Grandma Santeria’s daughter (Incarnation)


Cousin: Odele Decuir – Aunty Krishna’s daughter

Second Cousin: Jaden Decuir – Uncle Christian’s son

Seconded Cousin: Anika Decuir – Uncle Christian’s daughter

Seconded Cousin: Abra Decuir – Uncle Christian’s daughter

Second Cousin: Kadabra Decuir – Uncle Christian’s daughter

Other: Luck be a Lady – Grandma Santeria’s Rancor 



 Play By: Lucy Hale



Spell of Communication

Description:[/i] Communicate with others regardless of the language they speak, and with animals too.


Spell of Focus:

Description:[/i] This spell is used by a witch to prepare her focus for extreme use of magic. If she has a difficult spell or task to perform, she usually will begin the spell or task with this spell to draw on the energies or strength she will need in the upcoming task.


Spell of Healing I

Description:[/i] Numbs pain in the caster’s body, helps slow bleeding down, helps enhance natural self-healing speed a little bit.


Song of Power

Description:[/i] A witch casts the spell of power to increase a single attribute for a limited time to jump higher, see better, take more damage, run faster.



Light Saber skills:

She has none:[/i] Not even a Saber yet.



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(Bio) Minerva Decuir
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