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Alexandra Russo
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Full Name – Alexandra Kay Russo

Nickname - Alex

Callsign – Alleycat

Age - 26

Gender - Female

Species - Human

Height – 5’8”

Weight – 120 lbs

Build - Slender, athletic

Eyes - Brandy

Hair – Sunkissed Brown

Avatar – Kate Beckinsale (avi),  Jaina Solo (pilot image), & Alessandra Ambrosio (used only for clothing shots)

Homeworld - Taanab

Affiliation - Alliance

OCC Rank - Elite as of 4/17/12

IC Rank - Commander of Shrike Squadron, CAG of Galactica as of 2/28/12

Position – Starfighter pilot

Marital Status – Engaged to Jedi Master, Captain Mark Starkiller

Parents/Siblings – All deceased.

  • Father - Han Russo
  • Mother - Leia Russo
  • Twin Brother - Jacen Russo
  • Younger Brother - Anakin Russo


  •  Starfighter pilot – Academy trained to fly X-wings, A-wings, B-wings, Y-wings. Also Z-95 Headhunter and Alliance shuttles. Preferred snubfighter is the  X-wing.
  •  Mechanic - Competent aeronautical mechanic
  •  Hand to Hand Combat - Received basic training at the Academy.
  •  Weapons - Received small arms training at the Academy.
  •  Languages - Galactic Basic, 'Droid Speak'

 Personal Equipment

  •  T-65 X-wing (brought with her from Taanab)
  •  Copper red Astromech Droid,  R2-M7 "Rusty"
  •  DL-44 Heavy blaster pistol
  •  Multi-purpose pocket tool
  •  Tool kit
  • Pocketchrono (family heirloom)
  • Jokers Wild - a YT-1930 Light Freighter that she has upgraded and uses on supply runs or 'other' missions for the Alliance. 

Personality Traits

  •  Determined, driven to succeed. Could be called an over achiever. Is a risk taker, if she thinks it will make a difference in the outcome.
  •  Playful, yet knows when to be serious. Uses humor to deal with stress.
  •  Addicted to caffeine and has a sweet tooth. Stimcaf with pastries is a favorite as well as chocolate.
  •  Neat and organized. Could be called a neat freak, though is really only obsessive/compulsive about the maintenance of her snubfighter and tools. It really rubs her the wrong way if someone borrows her tools without  asking and returns them all gunked up.
  •  Chews lower lip when nervous or contemplating something.
  •  Dislikes seafood with a passion. Is a meat and potatoes type of gal.
  •  Is attracted to bearded men.


Alexandra’s family was killed when their hop farm on Taanab was raided by a notorious pirate gang that terrorized the sector unchecked as there was no defense force to speak of at the time. Shortly afterwards, the young teenager was befriended by a former war ace who took her under his wing and taught her how to fly and fix refitted Z-95 Headhunters as he had a local crop dusting business. He often shared with her his exploits during the Galactic War, which put a fire in her belly to become a starfighter pilot herself. When she turned eighteen, Alex secured an appointment to the Alliance Flight Academy. After graduating at the top of her class, she returned to her homeworld and joined the newly formed Taanab Air Defense Squadron (TADS) to help combat the piracy in the sector in hopes that other families would not have to go through the same heartache that she had. Three years later, the Alliance's Shrike Squadron was looking for new pilots to fill their ranks. Alex applied and was accepted to the legendary squadron and now flies with the best of the best, doing the impossible for the Alliance cause.

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Alexandra Russo
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