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Krystah Corven
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                        Name:  Krystah Corven 
Age:  22
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Coruscant
Legal Status:  Married
Living Situation:   Penthouse ; Corven Tower (Nar Shaddaa)
Occupation: Executive Assistant to Dominic Corven (Deals out disciplinary actions to employees)
Family :  Tardia Tarkin (Mother), Rune Tarkin (Father), Atreides Tarkin (Brother), Alia Tarkin (Sister)

Affiliation:  Black Sun Syndicate 
Rank:   Executive Assistant to Dominic Corven

Physical Stats:
Avatar:  Eliza Dushku
Weight:  110 lbs
Height:  5'5"
:  Dark Brown
Eyes:  Brown, black as the pearls from oysters deep in the oceans when she is upset.

History:   Born to middle class family,  Krystah was the middle child who by all rights was not doted upon like her little sister, or entrusted with everything like her older brother.  It was basically a life of just "being" in her family.  Krystah wanted to stand out, show her parents she had potential.  No matter what she did, they never saw her.  It was as if Krystah was invisible.  She began to feel an ultimate hatred for not only her parents, but for life itself.  Never did she think she would become close to anyone.  At the age of 16, the beauty named Krystah went to become a dancer at one of the local clubs.  It didn't fulfill her needs of being noticed in the sense that someone could actually find love in their heart for her, but it was making her enough money for her to move out on her own. 

She learned quickly at the club that the men were sleazy, so her nails grew, she painted them black and filed them to a nice razor sharp tip.  The bouncers always kept the girls safe, however if they couldn't get there in time, she took care of them and left them with something to remember her by.  They  were the ones that had to go home and explain to their wives what had happened.  Why they were late, because they were in a bacta tank all night.  What did she care?  The skin under her nails felt tremendous.  By the end of the night, she would find her knife and slide it under her  nails carefully to clear out the blood and skin.  

Two years as  a dancer, Krystah was finally moved up to the manager position.  She knew what the customers wanted and she treated the employees with the respect they deserved.  If they deserved it at all.  Rita, one of her employees refused to get on stage one evening because her partner forbid  her to do it.  Krystah told her flat out if Rita didn't shake her firm little ass up on the stage, she could go home and not come back.  Rita refused to go home.  Instead she sat and begged for her job,  explaining that her boyfriend was abusive and he had bruised her so badly she couldn't perform.  Almost sympathetic, Krystah yanked her into  the dressing room and stripped the girl to find her body riddled with bruises.  "You could have left him years ago, Rita."  The pathetic girl wept attempting to hug Krystah which actually repulsed her to tell you the truth.  "I'm so sorry, Krystah, I'll leave him tomorrow..  I promise."   Turning her back on Rita her head down as though in pity, the 18 year old manager flipped around in rage.  "That's what they all say, now get out."  Gashing her luxurious face with her nails, Rita cried out.  "I can't afford bacta treatment."  A very viscous smile crept across her lips.  "I know that's why I did it, you fool, now leave." 

Shortly after that, she came to meet Dominic Corven.  When they saw each other, Krystah knew in her heart and soul this was the man she was to be with for the remainder of her life.  Even at the age of 18 she knew her destiny.  Her anger and viscous side did not turn  him away.  Each time she saw him, Krystah wanted to be with him more and more.  Four years later he has asked her to marry him and she has accepted his proposal.   
After marrying him, she never informed him of of the deal her parents made with a man named Ka who had been a spice runner from Kessel running small time for years until he murdered the man he was working for and moved up in the drug world.  Now he was running spices, drugs, women, girls and anything else  that someone could think of. When she she was celebrating the purchase of her club, she was approached by his associate Rath who wanted nothing more than to inform her that her sister was about to "come of age" and was about to age out at the age of 14.  His boss no longer found her sister attractive.  When Dom found this information out, he grew angry with her.  But not angry enough that he did not try to help her in buying her family's freedom.  Well really it was just hers and her sister's.  
To get away from it all, because no matter what she was still being hunted down,  they had to fake Krystah's death.  It would seem that Ka and his goons decided to pay their 'last respects to Dom for his wife's passing.  Last she knew Dom took a bullet to the chest and was dying for all for her.  That was the last time she'd seen him.  Until now. 

Possessions:  Twin daggers black handles.  Razor sharp nails painted black.  Dominic Corven

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Krystah Corven
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