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Tom Perlman
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Name: Tom Perlman

Species: Human

Age: 42

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 198

Homeworld: Tattoine

Family: None

Affiliated: Civilian, Bum

Personality: A bitter and sometimes violent veteran, he's susceptible to mood swings when he's drunk but his genius will occasionally shine through the haze of his mind.

History: Tom escaped the dull and sometimes short future anyone growing up on Tattoine faces the same way teenagers have always  gotten away. He joined the military. For the Sith, probably not the best of ideas. After twenty years of near-death, slaughtering people, and seeing his friends die, Tom had a pretty good case of PTSD. After his discharge he wound up lost on Couracaunt, and sought solace in the bottom of a bottle. He's been there ever since, jobless, homeless, a bum just trying to make each day bearable.

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Tom Perlman
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