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Zane Oryan (WiP)
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Full Name: Zane Oryan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Terrarium City, Alderaan
Legal Status: Citizen of Alderaan
Residence: Small Apartment on Alderaan
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Affiliation: The Alliance/Jedi
Force Rank: Padawan

Personal Skills:
Galactic Basic

Combat Skills:
Single Bladed Saber (Learner)

Force Powers:
Basic Telekinesis
Force Sense
Force Persuasion
Force Heal (Self)
Force Speed


Zane is a quiet and thoughtful person, he loves helping others and believes that one day, the Jedi will take back their rightful place protecting the galaxy from the scourage that is the Sith Empire, who he blames daily for the deaths of his family when he was a young boy. Growing up in his uncles care, who was a former Jedi, Zane ahs learned some basic skills to get through life till he unites with the Jedi order and fidns a new master to train him further.

Hair: Sandy Blond
Eyes: Gray
Height: 6'
Weight: 190lbs.

Other Possessions:
Dark and Light Gray Robes with some black material in it.


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Zane Oryan (WiP)
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Added to the bio index!