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Kaytee Vitaan
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Name and Aliases:[/b] Kaytee Vitaan
Profession: [/b]Empire-in-Exile Diplomat (eventually); Diplomat to her home world of Lordd
Age:[/b] 30
Gender:[/b] Female
Species: Lorrdian
Height:[/b] 5'8
Weight:[/b] 140 lbs 
Hair Colour: Dark Brown, Almost Black
Eye Colour:[/b] Brown
Skin Colour: Light Brown
Build:[/b] Thin, but toned

Current Rank:[/b] Trainee
Affiliation:[/b] Empire-in-Exile (when it becomes official); Until then The Alliance (secretly)
Home World:[/b] Lorrd

History:[/b] Kaytee Vitaan is the only daughter of two professors at Lorrd University in the capital city.  Her father Professor Garik Vitaan was a professor of mechanical engineering and her mother Mira Vitaan was a professor of Pangalactic Cultural Studies.  Since both parents were academics, Kaytee spent most of her free time being dragged to local historical sites and museums.  Both of her parents, like so many Lorrdians never forgot about the Kanz Disorders that happened long before either of them were born.  Both of her parents taught the Kaytee and her brother Tobias how very important history and learning from past mistakes were as well as the kinetic communication that was developed by their ancestors that had actually been slaves to the Argazdan Myrialites.  Their parents made sure that their children didn't take being free for granted and that they received the best education as possible because both firmly believed in the concept that with knowledge came power to make a difference in the galaxy.

Kaytee's parents were always quite outspoken critics of slavery as they held the history of the people near and dear to the heart.  There were times that attempts were made on her parents' lives due to their outspokenness but overall Kaytee had a happy childhood.  Like her parents, she inherited a fierce desire to learn all that she could and as soon as she was old enough went to the very same college her parents worked at, but majored in Intergalactic-Relations while working incredibly hard to learn as many languages as she could.  You see, at an early age Kaytee knew what she wanted to do.  She wanted to become some sort of diplomat so that she could make a difference and work towards bringing the galaxy back to its golden days to where there was a strong central but fair government. 

When Kaytee graduated from university she worked as a junior diplomat for her home world of Lorrd and received a  promotion to senior diplomat. She currently sympathizes with the Alliance's goals, when she saw the chaos and destruction that came with Sith rule in on other planets and is terrified that one day that chaos and destruction would come to her own home. However, she keeps her affiliation with them a secret. To the galaxy she appears neutral and that is what she will continue to do. She can thank her ancestors for teaching and her her people the art of body language so that she can continue to appear just that way.

Right now she longs to see the downfall of the Sith but currently that seems like it will never happen.  However, she isn't going to give up. Lately she has been hearing rumblings of a group known as Empire-in-Exiles that was developed by the Dynast-King of Alderaan and from what she has heard and learned about the group, its members seem to share her ideals, so if they ever can get their stuff together, she will join them and leave the Alliance.  Until that day she sympathizes with the Alliance, but keeps it a secret to the best of her ability.

Personality:[/b] Kaytee, like her parents firmly believes in the statement that those that don't learn from the past are destined to repeat it.  She tends to make decisions based on logic and whatever is best for her people rather than personal feelings.  She just was taught form an early age that one cannot let his or her own personal feelings get in the way of things because when one starts making decisions based on feelings rather than fact, many mistakes are made. Because of that some might think upon first meeting Kaytee that she has no feelings at all and is rather cold.  That isn't true at all.  She just puts up a facade that keeps her feelings guarded and she supposes that is because of her ancestors' history so long ago they couldn't express feelings without facing persecution, at least until her ancestors like so many Lorrdians invented kinetic communication and perhaps it is part of their DNA.  Kaytee is an avid devourer of knowledge who longs nothing more than to see peace restored to the galaxy and an end to slavery.  She is quite well-spoken and eloquent when in the political arena and trying to make diplomacy and is fluent in many languages.  Her greatest weakness perhaps is keeping her feelings locked up so tight that once it reaches the breaking point, she will lash out inadvertently to whomever happens to be in her general vicinity.  She is incredibly devoted to her people's traditions and spiritual beliefs and using facts, figures, and logic will do whatever is in the best interest of her people in the long run.

Blaster pistol training
Fluent in many languages
Kinetic communication
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Kaytee Vitaan
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