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Current Link
Defunct/Dead Link

Ongoing -

Complete -
1. Mixing Business With Pleasure (Complete) - In which Serinn meets Seth Draclau and is hired as an employee of Draclau Films.
2. Deadliest Warrior - In which Serinn fights, and loses. But resolves to develop her skills for the future.
3. Initiation of a Paladin (Invite Only) - The second step, in which Serinn sets about honing her skills by way of introduction to, and instruction in the ways of the Force.
4. Forging of a Shield (Destota) - A casual midnight stroll becomes something more.
5. A Call To Arms (Alliance, Jedi, Open) - The first step that Serinn makes entirely on her own, towards living for herself, and not for her people. (Complete for Serinn's part)

Inactive -
1. Unorthodox Methods (Inactive)
2. Taking Stock (Kiskla) - Off-hours on Naboo turn to more serious matters.
3. Step Right Up, Let's See What You Got (Alliance, Open) - In which Serinn joins an informal/unofficial sparring event on Horizon Station.
4. Oath of Blood, Flesh, and Steel (Destota, Jarr)
5. Seeking Instruction (Destota, Serinn)

6. Dance Straight Through The Stars (Open)
7. Pretty Little Witches (Serva, Serinn)
8. A Freelancer's Life For Me! (Open)
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The Lone Wanderer - Serinn Sarkin Thread Tracking
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Force Abilities Desired:
Neutral Apprentice -
Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Ability
Force Sense
Magnify Senses
Telekinetic Strike

Light Side Apprentice -
Control Pain
Force Healing (Self)

Neutral Knight -
Alter Elements - Earth
Battle Precognition
Body Adjustment
Enhanced Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Adhere
Force Deflect
Force Scream
Force Spark

Light Side Knight -
Force Healing (Other)
Force Stun

Neutral Master -
Alter Environment - Earth
Art of the Small
Force Absorb
Mastered Telekinesis
Midi-Chlorian Manipulation

Special Master -
Force Resuscitation
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