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Taylor Corelli
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General Information:

Name:  Taylor Corelli
Position:  TBD
Rank:  TBD
Species:  Human
Gender:  Female
Age:  22

Physical Appearance:

Height:  5'8"
Weight:  125lbs
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Green
Distinguishing marks:  

Homeworld:  NarShaddaa


Husband:  None
Children:  None
Parents:  Braxis and Myri Corelli
Siblings:  Yurist (brother), Kordath (brother), Sovi (sister) {D} and Minn (sister) {D}


This alluring beauty stands out in a crowd with not only her height but her beauty as well.  The shimmering brown hair, full lips and the way her eyes beckon one over to her, Taylor is seductive to be sure.  She loves to wear tight leather clothing whenever possible.


Born on Nar Shaddaa to a lower class family as the middle child, who received little to no attention as middle children rarely do.  This of course caused Taylor to rebel and seek out the attention she so richly deserved in her own eyes.  As a young child she was caught torturing the neighbor’s pets.  This constituted beatings at the hand of her father.  What her father did not know which caused her to act out further was that her brothers were beating her further for no apparent reason.  

No matter how often she told either of her parents, they seemed oblivious to the fact that Taylor was receiving such treatment.  The middle child soon resorted to more drastic measures and began not only torturing the neighborhood pets.  Soon they began disappearing.  Upon searching their daughter’s belongings and hiding places, they found the rotting carcasses of the pets.  It was then that their father took it upon himself to begin his own matter of discipline by putting out his cigaras in her back.  She came to find out later as their father focused all his anger on Taylor, Sovi and Minn were no longer being whored out to others to supply their parents with the drugs they needed so badly.  

Taylor’s plan to kill her parents shortly thereafter was quashed when she came to find that her parents were deep in debt with Gorzola the Hutts for drugs.  Their only hope to save themselves was to sell their daughters.  At the tender age of 16, Taylor had hopes that they would sell them all to the same Hutt.  But to no avail. They were all sold to different Hutts.

As a slave Taylor was clearly disobedient and attempted many escapes.  Scars upon scars plague her back now.  For 6 years she was raped and beaten all because her parents were in debt due to their spice addiction.  The only thing that kept her alive was the need to escape and find her sisters.  Until the fateful day that her sisters came in escorted by none other than spice traders.  They had been in on it the entire time.  

Rage, hatred, fury and repulsion were the only feelings on the woman’s mind anymore.  The only thing on her mind was to liberate herself from the dank prison she was in and make her way off the pathetic planet once and for all.  That was until she was able to return and kill the lot of them.  
Late one evening she was able to pick the lock on her bonds and sneak out.  To get the money to gain passage off planet she slit the throat of one of the men who’d paid to “sleep” with her and took his credits.  She paid for the first outbound ship leaving Nar Shaadda and she did not even know it's destination.
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Taylor Corelli
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