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Shaden Solbourne
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: Shaden Dash Solbourne 
Age: 25Gender: MaleSpecies: HumanHomeworld: Coronet City, CorelliaCurrent Home: Wanderer Occupation: Jedi Padawan, Sabacc player, Ladies manAffiliation: The Jedi, The Alliance
Shaden is kind at heart, and full of jokes. He is an extremely hard worker due to his competitive nature and drive to be the best at anything he attempts. He is determined and tenacious, unwilling to give up no matter the odds. He is sometimes seen as reckless, often throwing himself into the heart of danger for those he cares about before weighing the circumstances. Having been born with good looks and a charming personality, he usually has his way with the ladies. However, this has gotten him into a lot of trouble during the course of his travels by evoking the wrath of scorned women, or jealous boyfriends. He is sometimes considered egotistical, but for the most part it is just part of his charm.
Shaden believes firmly in physical fitness, always keeping himself in peak physical shape by rigorous training and exercise. He follows a plan of balance between speed, strength and dexterity to allow his body to perform at the pinnacle of human perfection.
He is a talented Sabacc player, always seeming to know when he has a good hand compared to the rest of the table. This has been his primary source of income in his adult years as he enjoys taking money from thugs in shady cantinas. He is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and enjoys fast ships, beautiful women, and high stakes sabacc games.


- Work in progress

Avatar: Ryan KwantenHeight: 6'0Weight: 185 lbsHair Color: Dirty blondeEye Color: BlueBuild: Athletic
  • Clothes - Tunics, robes, suits and rugged adventuring gear
  • Astromech Droid R7 - Affectionately named "Sev"
  • Heavily modified YT-1300 class light freighter - Name: Starhawk
  • Sabacc Deck
  • Jedi Holocron - Found in the ruins of the first Jedi Temple on Tython. Gatekeeper: Master Destin Guardia

Skills and Abilities
  • Galactic Basic
  • Binary Comprehension
  • Shyriiwook Comprehension
  • Small Freighters - Adept
  • Corvettes - Novice
  • Starfighters - Novice
Lightsaber Forms
  • Form I: Shii-Cho - Novice
Unarmed Combat
  • Teras Kasi - Adept
Force Powers

Padwan Ranked Abilities:
-Neutral Powers
  • Basic Telekinesis
  • Enhance Ability
  • Force Sense
  • Farsight
  • Force Jump - Learned in A Bastion of Hope
-Lightside Powers
  • Control Pain
  • Force Healing (Self)

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Shaden Solbourne
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