The city-planet was alight with holoscreens, whose wide, monolithic images stood tall above the streets, all tuned to the same news channel. Upon them, a female Twi'Lek news anchor relayed the news with ominous portent.

"We bring you breaking news from the Outer Rim Territories. In its first bold move since its inception, Vanco Serath's Imperial forces have seized control of Mygeeto. Sources report that at some time yesterday afternoon Coruscanti Business District Time, a large Imperial invasion force descended onto Mygeeto and immediately took control of the planet's former capital city, Jygat, as well as the surrounding mines. Casualties were reported as minimal, though at least fifty rogue squatters who had taken residence in Jygat are reportedly confirmed dead. Vanco Serath gave a speech on Ketaris just hours ago about the Empire's move."

The image cut to a display of the Emperor, poised on his usual pulpit, while the black banners of the Empire billowed behind him in the wind as he addressed the Ketaris masses.

"With the acquisition of Mygeeto, the Empire takes one further step towards self-sufficiency," Serath said. "No longer will humankind be touted as finger-puppets to the almighty alien bankers, who have suffocated this galaxy with their absurd levels of power for far too long. Mygeeto will form an important centerpiece in the Empire's initiative to derive a currency that is not dependent upon foreign reserves."

The screen then flashed back to the Twi-Lek reporter.

"Only time will tell what these aggressive moves will mean for the notoriously anti-alien Vanco Serath's regime. More news on the story as it comes."