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Name: T’Alyin
Age: 18
Species: Miraluka
Gender: Female
Birthworld: Katarr
Affiliation: None (Yet)

Physical Details
Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 129 lbs.
Skin: Fair
Hair: Blond
Eyes: What Eyes?
Distinguishing Marks: Always wears a blindfold of clean white cloth
Wardrobe: T’Alyin typically wears rather ordinary clothing, though she is known to wear clothing that is loose and airy enough to allow for mobility and speed over protection, save in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Small merchant freighter (Medical cargo supplies)
  • Clothing and Blindfolds
  • Standard Blaster Pistol
  • Long combat knife
  • Assorted ship maintenance equipment

Combat Training
  • Unarmed Combat
    • Expert (Miralukan Unarmed Style)
  • Knife Combat
    • Skilled
  • Lightsaber Forms
    • None
  • Additional Styles
    • None

Force Abilities
Force Mastery Rank: Padawan/Apprentice
Racial Innate Qualities: Force Sense, Force Sight

  • Padawan Force Powers
    • General Powers
      • Enhanced Ability
      • Enhanced Senses
      • Basic Telekinesis
      • Force Jump
      • Force Comprehension
    • Lightside Powers
      • N/a
  • Knight Force Powers
    • General Powers
      • N/a
    • Lightside Powers
      • N/a
  • Master Force Powers
    • General Powers
      • N/a
    • Lightside Powers
      • N/a

T’Alyin was born on the planet of Katarr some handful of years ago. The planet had been a colony world of the Miraluka for ages, but life was wiped away from it by a Sith. In the vast scope of time since then, some Miraluka have sought out the world, and began to settle it once more. Where it was once agricultural, it now develops more technological assets, using the Miraluka’s force talents for mining and turning the planets raw materials into useful equipment sold off-world. Katarr was also inhabited by a small clan of surviving Miraluka descended from Jedi – among this group, they had knowledge of force skills which were passed down from elder to students.

T’Alyin was one of these students, a youth of exceptional force sensitivity among the Miraluka. She proved to be gifted and thoughtful, understanding both the moral lessons and responsibilities of those with power as well as how to wield power.  She was the youngest student, because of this, to complete her Master’s training.

Following that completion, the young T’Alyin had little idea what to do with her new power until she was approached by her brother, a spacefaring trader with his own ship, who sold Katarr’s goods across the nearby systems. Deciding to travel with him for a time, T’Alyin joined his crew and also taught her brother some of the finer points of self defense and force talents over a couple of years.

Recently, however, T’Alyin has had unusual dreams and Force Visions, feeling a distinct call toward the Sugai sector, and has finally taken a shipment of medical supplies to the sector, keeping an open mind for a destination indicated by the Force.

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