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Arachne deWinter, Spider's Heiress
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Name: Arachne Viola deWinter. If you get lucky, she might not eviscerate you for calling her "Racks".

Profession: Cortesan/escort in the Red Lady

Species: Human, if anything that shares common genetics with Jon can be considered "human"

Age: 21

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 122 lbs.

Appearance: One isn't chosen to be a Red Lady for her sparkling personality. Arachne is gorgeous by just about any standards, with a healthy-but-slender figure, smooth, pale skin, and a perfect smile. Her immaculately-groomed blonde hair tends to reinforce that the only thing she inherited from her father was a decidedly green eye tone. As one might expect of one in her profession, Racks has countless outfits, ranging from eloquent to scandalous. One will rarely see her in the same dress twice.

Distinguishing marks: Standard deWinter green eyes. If it's possible to drop the temperature around you a few degrees just by speaking, that probably counts, too.

Homeworld: Coruscant

Family: You want the whole list?
Mother - Helena Ynis
Father - Jonathan deWinter
Half-sisters - Brumhilda deWinter, Fallon deWinter, Natalie deWinter
Half-brother - Merlin deWinter
Other Half-siblings - Judging by Jon's track record, likely hundreds.
Aunt - Shery deWinter
Uncle - Alexander deWinter
Cousins - Too many to mention

Personality: Cold, calculating, and really ambitious, Arachne isn't the kind of woman you want to piss off. She's vindictive, has a long memory, and a brutal imagination. Normally, her manner is ipeccably polite and not quite patronizing. In private, she becomes very condescending and a slight bit arrogant. Her capacity for long-term planning is peerless.

History: The first and most important contributing factor to Arachne's history is that Jonathan deWinter is a manslut.

Coruscant is a big place, and even the Red Ladies, the most prestigious corteseans in most of civilized space, get bored sometimes. Helena Ynis, then simlpy a new hire into the brothel, got bored easier than most, and went out for a night on the very large town. Jonathan, in the mood for blonde that night, didn't know or care that he was raping one of his sister's prized whores - this was probably for the best, considering what he might do if he had known.

Broken, sticky, and in tears, Helena limped her way back to the Red Lady. While standard policy is to take care of every employee, the head girl Viola took this one a bit more personally, and Helena found her recovery much less tearful than it could've been. Then, of course, came the realization that she was pregnant against her will.

Again, things could've turned out much worse. Helena could've decided that she didn't want a living reminder of such a traumatic experience running around. However, part of her wanted to know what bringing life into the world felt like, so the pregnancy went through without a hitch. Even as Arachne came crawling out of her mother's vagina, screaming and covered in really gross fluids, she still didn't feel she'd made a mistake. Her daughter was gorgeous.

Arachne grew up with the Red Ladies during a time when their profession was in great demand. When she was old enough (which, essentially, translated to "could pass for a teenager"), she was taught the trade and inducted into the House formally. Her mother raised in "rank, eventually to the point of running her own branch on Corellia. With two sources of very considerable income, Racks couldn't help but get a little spoiled.

Now, at 21, she's a lot spoiled, accustomed to dealing with rich men who are utterly convinced of their own superiority, and well-established in a surprising number of socio-political circles. The fact that she's spent most of her life interacting with the most important men and women in the galaxy might have something to do with that.

Abilities: Arachne's main skills are in social manipulation, bullshitting people, bending the truth, and occasionally telling little white lies. She has incredible foresight and long-term planning, and her ambition knows no bounds. While she lacks any real combat or Force skills, Arachne wields the deadliest weapon of all - a galaxy-wide network of informants, favors, and agents that see her every plan come to fruition...whether or not that would actually benefit her.
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Arachne deWinter, Spider's Heiress
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