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Zane Starkiller
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Full Name:
Zane Anthony Starkiller
Varies; usually late teens
Gender: Male
Birthworld: Coronet City, Corellia
Legal Status: Holds Citizenship on Coruscant, Corellia and Spira
Living Situation: His grandparents estate on Spira
Occupation: Vocalist and Lead Guitarist for hard rock band, Threat

Affiliation: The Criminal Underworld/The Starkiller Family
Rank: Force Practitioner Knight

Personal Skills:

-He is fluent in Galactic Basic and can understand Binary.
-Possesses a 180 IQ and a Eidetic memory.
-He is adept in the art of Deception (see note in Personality section)
-He is considered a talented artist and has learned the finer details and techniques to playing musical instruments most notably, the guitar.
-As a child of a Sith family he learned basic components of all the lightsaber forms, and practices Form VII: Juyo as well as Sokan.
-He has a firm knowledge of the Force but hardly uses his abilities.
-Has learned a deadly Martial Art that has no name.
-Despite his thin stature is incredibly resilient and possesses a strong constitution.
-He is an adept thief, able to pickpockets and use misdirection to his benefit

Force Powers

Neutral Powers[/u]

    [li]Basic Telekinesis [/li][li]Enhance Ability [/li][li]Enhance Senses [/li][li]Force Sense [/li][li]Force Persuasion [/li][li]Telepathy [/li][/list]

    Lightside Powers

      [li]N/A [/li][/list]

      Darkside Powers

        [li]Force Rage[/li][/list]

        Knight Level Powers
        Neutral Powers

          [li]Enhanced Telekinesis [/li][li]Force Cloak [/li][/list]

          Lightside Powers

            [li]N/A [/li][/list]

            Darkside Powers

              [li]N/A [/li][/list]Personality:

              A young man born a triplet with sisters Raven and Ciaran, to wealthy parents Alistair Starkiller and Neav Revata. He was raised to be an ideal young man. He obeyed his parents and remained a quiet boy constantly under the bullying of his sister Raven.
              Instead of speaking out against his sister he simply let it go and grew more apt to avoiding confrontation rather then start fights. He got along with his sister Ciaran and he hero worshiped his grandfather like his father before him shared a close relationship with his grandmother. He is easily lead around by others and can usually be seen being dragged around by someone else into one bit of trouble or another (usually with Chloe Draclau). Reaching his teenage years he became more resentful and turned to acting out to authority figures, his one escape was learning to play the guitar  and starting a band. He developed a close relationship with Chloe Draclau and is one of the only people he feels totally comfortable around.

              *Note: Zane developed an ability to deceive practically anyone, that came with his years being bullied by his sister along with his kidnapping and time in captivity. Being a private person that did what he was told, helped him stay under the radar and opened opportunities such as his Force abilities to grow to a respectable level without notice of his family, though he uses the illusion he is less then skilled with the Force to deceive them (his grandfather and possibly his grandmother seem to be the only ones that know on a certain level) and his Martial arts training he learned in captivity.

              Physical Stats

              Edward Furlong / Jared Leto
              Height: 5'10"
              Weight: 175 pounds
              Hair Color: Brown/Black
              Eye Color: Blue
              Other: He has a lean yet toned physique, a tattoo on his left forearm, a slave brand on his right forearm and an X shaped scar over his left eye.

              Known Family:
              Spouse: N/A
              Children: N/A
              Father: Alistair Starkiller
              Mother: Neav Revata
              Siblings: Raven Starkiller, Ciaran Starkiller
              Grandfather(s): Xander Starkiller, Brendan Revata
              Grandmother(s): Shery deWinter, Alexandra Revata
              Aunts: Lauda Cavataio, Morgaine deWinter, Asteria deWinter, Cordelia deWinter, Nessarose deWinter
              Uncles: Jason Starkiller, Coren Starkiller
              Great Aunts: Kailey Starkiller, Isobel Starkiller, Leilah Starkiller
              Great Uncles: Mark Starkiller, Mercutio Starkiller

              General Appearance:

              His hair is dark brown and his hair is usually medium to long length and has a tendency to fall in his face. His facial hair is always neatly trimmed. His eyes are a bright blue color but can range to a silvery blue depending on the light. His wardrobe consists of jackets and over coats he wears over different colored t-shirts. His pants are usually form fitting but are sometimes roomy and considered baggy. Some times he occasionally wears fingerless gloves and can some times be seen wearing different silver jewelry.


              Clothes- Assorted black jackets, jeans, t-shirts
              "Iron Cross" Electric Guitar -
              His very first electric guitar gifted to him on his 10th birthday.
              "Skull" Electric Guitar - His very first electric guitar he purchased on his own, black in pristine condition.
              Jedi Lightsaber - A gift from his former teacher the Jedi Master Mustadio Nieson. During captivity Zane learned the old master's way of fighting and upon escaping their captors Zane come into possession of his teachers cane that secretly housed this lightsaber. It contains a lightsaber crystal blue in color but has not been analyzed to see what other mods it has.
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Zane Starkiller
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Added to the bio list

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Zane Starkiller
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Full Name: Nieson Mial
Real Name: Mustadio Nieson
Age: 78
Gender: Male
Birthworld: Nishr
Legal  Status: Presumed dead; single; Prisoner
Living  Situation: Jolly Bantha
Occupation: Slave, Formerly: Jedi Master

Affiliation: Jedi Order
Rank: Jedi Master
Force Rank: Master

Mate: Zalera Black (Deceased)
Children: Ovelia, Velius, and Celia Black

Notes and Skills:

-This character is an NPC relevant to the kidnapping story arch of Zane Starkiller
- Keeps his identity as a Jedi Master a secret
- Usually wears ragged black clothing that resemble some sort of robe but not of common variety
- His cane is secretly his lightsaber, blue in color
-Though formidable in his younger years, a crippling injury has left him unable to function well without calling on the Force
- Due to the severity of the injury is forced to walk with a cane and without access to the Force via the nature of the Jolly Bantha, is little more then an old man
- Was trained in the fighting arts of his native people including a martial art so secret it has no name
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