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Matias Kiel - Emerald Chevalier
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Current Title: Emerald    Chevalier

Name: Matias Kiel


Age: Early to mid-twenties (unsure, due to his mysterious past and slower than usual aging)


Gender: Male


Race: Half-Human, Half-Garhoon


Weight: 180 lbs


Height: 6' 3"


Eyes: Grey-Violet


Hair: White-Blonde


Clothing: Em is usually seen in white Jedi/Sith robes, covered by a cloak of various shades of green and teal. He prefers lighter weight, softer materials, finding them less restrictive during combat.


Weapons: Akatsuki (A stolen, curved hilted black Sith Sword with a glowing green crack down its center, made in the shape of a katana); Twin Orange Dual Phase Lightsabers, one that extends to over twice its length, and one that shortens itself to the size of a shoto, both with under-sized hilts and Silver blades when in their alternate forms;    blaster pistol.


Accessories: Slicing unit for electronics; nothing else save the Force is needed, in his mind.



Matias is very unusual for a Sith. Despite being completely committed to his faction of Force Users, he is in no way evil, by most standards anyway. He’s an upstanding, kind young man who’d give his own left hand to help another in need, traits that deem him a fool in the eyes of many of his fellow Sith. He’s far from it, though – Kiel simply believes that this world is corrupt, and needs to be guided by a powerful, all controlling government, and that the true nature of the Force resides within the use of one’s own emotions, not the seclusion of them. While he hates having to accept some of the truths he feels of this world, he doesn’t ignore them, killing in the name of peace.


Kiel put it bluntly, sick, thanks to what he’s had to do. Though highly polite and gracious most of the time, he has a split personality that’s willing to kill whomever is in the way if even remotely necessary, including women, children, and the defenseless. The mission comes above all else, and that includes his own well-being, the various scars across his torso as a clear sign of that. What makes matters worse is that the Sith Saber is no fool - he knows fully what he's doing is wrong, and that his victims, generally, do not deserve their pain....but if the Force is just, it will take care of them, and the greater good of the Galaxy come before all else. Still, his normal persona was too weak to get the job done….hence the ever growing emergence of his other self, which usually goes by Matias’ old title of “Emerald Chevalier.”


Ship: Eta-7 Interceptor, "borrowing" various R2 units whenever needed; often "borrows" larger spacecraft.


Occupation: Sith Knight (Prefers the traditional term, Sith Saber)


Home Planet: Corellia


Affiliation: The Sith imperium


Bio: Matias was, for the most part, on his own ever since the Jedi first discovered him, a useless orphan whom no one would miss. While he was still far too young, the small, Corellian Temple he had been a part of had been completely massacred in a beautiful, red splatter by a hooded Sith Lord while he was sent to gather supplies....and it would seem that he was next. But the Lord did not cast down the, there was something different about this child. Kiel gazed at the bloody corpses with a hunger in her violet-grey eyes, and the Sith Lord, upon noticing the boy’s fangs, attempted to get him to feast on those that had been raising him. This was Matias's first experience drinking the blood of others, his only way of forcibly making the devout Jedi students come with him across the Dark Side.... his half-Garhoon nature finally appeased.


The Sith, Lord Chevalier, kept Matias on his feet nearly every hour of the day, trying his best to teach his disciple all he could. He never defended him, of course - a Sith had to fight for himself, and that he did, the young boy making his first kill early on in his training....and consuming the man’s blood, a fact that even Darth Chevalier eventually didn't feel quite comfortable with.

A subject that drew near to Kiel's heart was that of Sith History; the thought that he was recognizing what had happened thousands of years ago, and learning from it, amazed the teen. Still, this was no school - with every new lesson he learned concerning their powerful history, Chevalier made him place it into practical use, building up both his Force powers and physical strength. Eventually, Kiel grew strong enough to wield his Master's sword effectively, though under closer supervision.

It would not be a lie to say that Matias saw Lord Chevalier as both a respectable man and a father figure....however, certain things were beyond emotional attachments - one was Faith, the other insanity. Sadly for his Master, Matias Kiel held both, firmly. Upon seeing his Master drunk and asleep one night, his sheathed blade a foot away, Kiel became infuriated. How dare a Sith Lord act in such an improper way? With no regrets, Matias drew Akatsuki -the blade- and beheaded his slumbering Master, taking his blood with him.

"Don't worry Master, you're with me now; I'll make amends for both of our sins, in this one body...."

Without a Lord of his own, Matias Kiel decided to return to The Sith for another; with both Master and Disciple's blood in one body, and a blade with a glowing green crack, Matias opted instead to call himself "Emerald Chevalier" - the green knight -. With his past behind him, Emerald sought out a new teacher within the Temple walls, as well as the taste of some fresh blood.....


As the years passed, Kiel found himself the Disciple under several Sith Lords and Knights, and was soon ashamed of his behavior. Now living in a civilized society, albeit one based on murder and conquest, Kiel finally knew what he was doing all these years was wrong, that wanton slaughter was only causing others pain – something he was never aware of. Still, he had to do dark things to obtain even greater gains, and as such his more primal emotions were separated into a whole other personality, the one he called the Emerald Chevalier. Still, it rarely had to come out, the young man still wishing to keep his sanity mostly intact.


Eventually, Kiel became a Sith Knight in his own right (although he preferred the older term, Sith Saber), who would be regarded as quite possibly the kindest in his profession. In a cruel twist of fate, his abilities would end up best being served as an assassin, thanks to a combination of his destructive power, and his even more frightening ability to calm others down into a state of bliss, to make his “feedings” easier to go through, for both individuals – a process in which the victims survived, unless he chose otherwise. Still, as the Sith began to bicker with themselves, to the point of a civil war, he couldn’t help but fell sick of his own faction’s politics.


Matias decided to go on a travel of his own, spending nearly five years journeying across the outer rim, spending time on planets that were both Dark Side Nexuses and those with different Force-based religions he could learn from, to help guide him. In this time alone from those he cared about, most notably Zia Stone, Matias’ darker half became more prevalent, with the Sith Saber now capable of switching between personalities when it suited him best. Now both less hesitant to kill, and mosre powerful in his basic abilities, Matias Kiel has returned home, hoping to make a difference now that the Sith are united again under Xander Starkiller.

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Matias Kiel - Emerald Chevalier
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